Be the culture you want to be surrounded by

Gofore is a great workplace to everyone & We thrive on customer success. These values have guided our journey since Gofore was founded.

We are proud Goforeans

Our story is one of ambitious, continuous improvement, helping our customers to succeed, caring for our employees and staying true to our values through thick and thin.

We build on six forces of our culture: transparency, trust, ownership, mastery, membership and caring. Every Goforean is the one participating that building of our culture day by day as we believe culture is something that stems from actions and happens between people.

We enjoy succeeding together

And believe in freedom of choice. We treat people as individuals and want to create safe space for exporing, growing and achieveing goals.

Win or fall, we’re in this together.

Award-winning working culture

6th attractive IT employer 2022

Every year, young professionals vote for their ideal employers in the country’s largest, most comprehensive and independent career related study. Gofore was ranked 6th!

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Best workplace and employer reputation among Finnish private investors 2022

The Reputation&Trust survey by T-Media. Gofore rated best among listed companies in Helsinki stock exchange. The study researched 81 listed companies’ reputation among private investors.

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Engineer Employer of the Year 2022

Gofore was awarded the Engineer Employer of The Year by the Union of Professional Engineers in Finland. Gofore received the recognition for its actions to create a positive and diverse working life and for being one of the first IT companies drafting and publishing its own collective agreement.


Employer brand of the year 2021

Gofore has been selected as the employer brand of the year in Rekrygaala (Recruitment Gala). Gofore’s was recognized thanks to the company’s strategic and long-term work for its employer brand.

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2nd Best workplace in Europe 2017

Great Place to Work Europe awarded Gofore the 2nd best working place in Europe and #1 in Finland!

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Want to grow with the best?

We pioneer in people-driven worklife and are constantly looking for new team members to join our crew. If personalised professional growth and freedom of choice interest you, check out our open positions!

Open positions

  • 19 Offices around Europe
  • 22 Years in Business
  • 1400+ Employees
  • 189,2 MEUR Net sales 2023
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