People-driven design

Customer experience is a feeling or impression formed by the customer and changed by every interaction with the organisation, its products and its services.

In a changing operating environment, organisations need to serve their customers via multiple channels. New digital services are created every moment, which emphasises even further the importance of a satisfying customer experience. Only a service that produces genuine value for a human – a customer, a user, a citizen, or an employee – creates a truly successful experience that stands out from the mass.

Our multidisciplinary expertise and the latest technologies at our disposal help us bring people-oriented thinking into service development. The participatory approaches we use allow us to create customer-oriented services by modifying how the message is built, how it is understood, and how it affects throughout all stages of the process and at all levels of the service.

Effectiveness at the fore

Continuous change requires organisations to develop customer-oriented operations, together with their own employees. Technology alone is not enough; creating genuine competitiveness requires working together and introducing all people’s abilities. We support this development work comprehensively through organisational design, which improves both the organisational transformation and the customer experience that it produces. At the same time, we help organisations to improve their responsiveness and create a new kind of business culture. Through design thinking, we ensure that the organisation’s strategy, values, and the human concept behind the workings of the organisation are present at all stages of the change. From the point of view of business development, design also plays a key role in the organisation’s value promise, value creation and the creation of a business concept.

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A successful user experience is a feeling

The relationship between the user and the service is defined by a feeling. Successful user experience will never come about by accident, but rather as a result of determined work. This requires understanding the problem and context, responding to genuine needs of the user, and the ability to finalise the output in a ready-to-use format. Therefore, we remember in each step of our design work that user experience is shaped in all encounters with the organisation and its services.

Visual design communicates

A uniform and finalised visual appearance is an essential part of user experience, functionality and service provider image. Presenting information in a clear and illustrative manner plays a key role, especially in demanding environments. As visualisation also enhances information sharing and decision-making during the project, it is utilised at all stages of our work in addition to the final output. Consequently, visual design is considered an integral part of our design process from the very beginning.

Business design, explained

What is Business design? How should customer needs be taken into account in strategic decision making? This Business design booklet gives you answers to these questions.

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