Attractive services for demanding users

In the digital age, services will be constantly reinvented. It’s the user who asseses a service’s value, and a service is valuable to a user when it feels good. Attractive services generate new business.

Digital change means both continuous technical development and designing new kinds of user- and business-oriented services. We offer leading service design that creates first-class service experiences, and business-oriented planning.

Our approach to design is based on an in-depth understanding of these key aspects –  users’ needs, the technical architecture, and the business’ requirements.

  • Gaining customer insight and integrating it as part of service development

  • An in-depth understanding of the customer is the foundation of sustainable business.
  • Service concepts and validation

  • Innovations are made together with the users.
  • Developing services from the customer value point of view

  • The best services are born when customer and expert knowledge are combined.
  • Service design

  • Choices are made to benefit users.

Business design booklet now available

What is Business design? How should customer needs be taken into account in strategic decision making? This brand new Gofore’s Business design booklet gives you answers to these questions.

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