Management consulting

Turn your vision into reality with management consulting services

Our management consultants help you to form a clear picture of your current situation, define your future goals and build operational models that steer your organisation towards success.

Is your strategy future-proof? Do the actions and culture of your organisation create competitive advantage for you and value for your customers?

Benefits of management consulting for your business and people:

  • Your vision and strategy are guiding your daily operations
  • Your business meets the changing needs of the markets and customers
  • Your operating models and processes are efficient, effective and aligned with your strategy
  • Your culture is people-driven, innovative and ready for change
  • Digitalisation, use of data and artificial intelligence are strengths for your organisation
  • Modern leadership, decision-making and internal communications enable strategy execution

Balance of business, people, technology and ethics are the guiding principles for success


Inspiration, involvement and flexibility. From standalone analyses to comprehensive strategic partnership.

Strategy and foresight

Understand the current state, challenges and opportunities of your organization and form a future-proof strategy.

  • Strategic foresight, scenario analysis and system modelling
  • Strategic customer and market insight
  • Strategy process facilitation and support in the planning and implementation of your strategy
  • Digital transformation planning, preparation and implementation
  • Modern management models and target setting

Business design and service development

We help you to understand the true needs of your customers and adapt your business and services accordingly.

  • Gathering and turning customer insights into continuous asset
  • Establishing and accelerating innovation practices in your organisation
  • Business case calculations and scenarios
  • Sustainable business models (ESG)
  • Business and service model concepts and experiments

Operational improvement

Improve your operations and processes. Set up sustainable operating models that promote growth and productivity.

  • Operational analyses and assessments
  • Operating model design, optimisation and roll-out
  • Process flow development and automation
  • Evaluation, development and management of organisational capabilities
  • Designing organisational structures, roles and responsibilities

Culture development

Turn your culture into a competitive advantage that supports your strategy, inspires your current employees and attracts new talents.

  • Culture assessment and change programs
  • Modern management culture development
  • Building a self-managing organisation culture
  • Structures and practices for internal communications
  • Development, coaching and measuring of corporate culture

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