Procurement consulting and supplier management

Successful ICT procurements and their management

Ensure efficient and responsible procurements with procurement processes that provide sustainable results. Our experienced procurement and legal experts help you reach excellent end results.

Better decisions are made with a combination of comprehensive expertise and a practical and solution-oriented approach.

Benefits and possibilities

In a high-quality procurement process:

  • There is a comprehensive understanding of goals and needs
  • The focus is on finding solutions instead of problems
  • Procurement legislation serves the needs of the clients
  • Extensive industry and technology expertise are included in the process
  • Known special characteristics of suppliers and markets are taken into account
  • Suppliers are examined to reliably determine their actual competence and capabilities
  • Reached contracts and applied solutions stand the test of time

Utilise the expertise of the largest team of ICT procurement consultants and lawyers in Finland.

Gofore has been a part of more than 700 successful assignments related to ICT procurements.

Our procurement services

Implementation of ICT procurement projects

We support you at every step of the procurement process from preliminary investigation to service implementation.

  • Preliminary investigation and market survey
  • Procurement planning and carrying out the process
  • Creating the call for tenders and attachments
  • Carrying out negotiations
  • Assessment of tenderers
  • Contract negotiations and implementation support

Legal services

Turn changes into success by finding practical solutions to legal problems and identifying new possibilities.

  • Legal consulting
  • Creating ICT contracts and templates
  • Supporting impact assessment of data protection
  • Defining the conditions with regard to data protection and data security
  • Conflict resolution during the contract period and reclamation support services
  • Training

Improve your supplier management

Make your contract period run smoothly with well-functioning supplier and service management.

  • Improving supplier and service management
  • Implementation of operating models
  • Guidance during the contract term
  • Modelling contract monitoring
  • Creating an annual calendar for procurements

Develop your procurement activities

Evolve the effectiveness of your procurement activities, boost your processes and set up sustainable operating models that promote growth and productivity.

  • Survey and analysis of the current state of procurement contracts
  • Risk analysis for procurements
  • Categorisation of procurements
  • Drawing up an action plan
  • Creating a procurement strategy

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