Architecture builds sustain­able structures for success

Quality architecture work at all levels, from planning the organisation’s operations to structural choices in software.

Do you have a clear overview of your organisation's operations and its structure? Do your systems serve the needs of your operations? Does your software architecture enable future digital solutions?


High-quality and well-described architecture work

  • Ensures a systematic foundation for operations
  • Creates a basis for functional and usable solutions
  • Ensures scalability and cost-effective maintenance
  • Brings clarity and structure to operations
  • Enables the development of secure solutions

In quality architecture work, it is important to consider the whole organisation, including business, data, information systems, and technology.

Our architecture services

Utilise our compre­hensive expertise at all levels of architecture

Building architecture capability

Ensure that your organisation’s development is impactful, and the structures support it.

  • Maturity level analysis and development of the architecture function
  • Identification and construction of methods, models, and capabilities
  • Development and implementation of processes and operating models
  • Re-designing organisation

Architecture planning

Conduct holistic architecture planning considering the baseline, risks, and dependencies.

  • Enterprise architecture planning
  • Business architecture planning
  • Data architecture planning
  • System architecture planning
  • Architecture roadmaps
  • Technology evaluation and assessment

Digital architecture of a physical product

Integrate the physical and digital dimensions of a product into a manageable entity.

  • Convergence of digital and physical architecture
  • Testing and validation planning
  • Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE)
  • Product data lifecycle management

Architecture planning for software development

Build a foundation for software development with quality embedded.

  • Product vision and architecture concept
  • Architecture roadmap for a developed product
  • Requirements definition and management
  • Selection of optimal architecture for a domain, product, or project
  • Platform and technology selections

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