Cyber security

Cyber security is accident insurance for your company

Cyber security threats are constantly evolving. To safeguard your organisation against these threats and cybersecurity breaches, you can establish robust cyber resilience through systematic development.

Are you aware of the cyber risks and threats your organisation is facing? How well do your digital services and products adhere to security requirements?

Benefits of cyber security

  • You understand the threats and risks to your organisation is facing
  • You are aware of the cyber security requirements you must be in compliance with
  • Your organisation’s continuity and operations are sufficiently secured against the changing operational environment
  • You can ensure the cost-effective development and implementation of your digital services by taking information security into account right from the get-go
  • You build the trust of your employees and customers while also strengthening your organisation’s market position
  • You improve the cyber security capabilities of your organisation’s operational culture

Create an up-to-date situational overview of your cyber security and make smart investments.

Our cyber security services

People create security

Make sure that your people know how to take information security into account in their work.

  • Training and instructions to ensure that your employees are aware and capable to act when a cyber incident occurs.
  • Fostering a culture where information security is part of the daily life
  • Conducting regular incident response exercises to ensure your organisation’s ability to detect, react and recover from them

Secure digital services

Provide a peace of mind for your end-users and customers.

  • Threat modelling ensures the resilience of your digital services against cyber incidents
  • Designing a secure architecture
  • Implementation of a secure software development process (DevSecOps)
  • Systematic security verification with continuous testing
  • Penetration testing (Pentest) helps to detect vulnerabilities

Strengthening the cyber resilience of your organisation

Manage and constantly improve your cyber resilience.

  • Managing cyber security risks
  • Development of a cyber security strategy for your organisation
  • Implementing and improving your Information Security Management System (ISMS) with e.g., ISO 27001
  • Planning for Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery
  • Compliance of operations with legal and regulatory requirements and standards

Centralised development of cyber security capabilities

Organise your cyber security development in a cost-effective way.

  • Harmonisation of methods, practices and tools
  • Systematisation of cyber security development
  • Defining the degree of outsourcing for cyber security
  • Establishing a cyber security centre of excellence for an enterprise wide support for capability development

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