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Let’s put data & AI to work for you

With well designed utilisation of machine learning, artificial intelligence and data, you’re equipped to improve efficiency, elevate customer experiences and ultimately, gain competitive advantage.

What could AI mean for us? How do we get value from data? – Get started with baby steps or take bigger leaps, we’re here to help.

By harnessing data and AI you can:

  • Improve operational efficiency by automating mundane or complicated tasks
  • Analyse large amounts of information to gain valuable decision-making support
  • Offer better customer experiences through faster, personalised and anticipatory services
  • Forecast trends and accelerate innovation
  • Take your organisation into the era of anticipation & foresight
  • Develop a knowledge-based management culture

AI has rapidly become a societally significant topic, which today should be on every organisation’s agenda in one way or the other.

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Support all the way from getting properly started to developing advanced data & AI solutions

Ensure your understanding

Clarify the premises of your organisation’s capabilities to utilise data and AI

  • Leadership enlightenment and consulting
  • Starting-point analysis, vision and action plans
  • Data & AI strategy and roadmapping
  • Key stakeholders coaching & culture development
  • Building the ethical foundation, operational model and ground rules for working with data & AI

Build a solid foundation

Make sure you’re aligned with the prerequisites for systematic and efficient utilisation of data & AI.

  • Ensuring data quality and usability
  • Defining the procedures, roles and responsibilities of data management and data-driven leadership – completed with means for implementation
  • Solutions for utilising advanced analytics and development of data literacy skills
  • Harnessing of data for forward-thinking business development capabilities

Smarter service and product development

Improve competitiveness and customer satisfaction by leveraging better insight and foresight in product development.

  • Data & AI enabled matching of people’s needs with relevant services
  • Creating life event based services powered by data & AI
  • Machine learning solutions for R&D, predictive maintenance and service of mobile machines
  • Data-driven customer insight

AI as an effective assistant

By automating various mundane or very complex tasks you free up the time of your experts to focus on more rewarding challenges.

  • Consulting for the safe and ethical use of artificial intelligence
  • AI-assisted product and project management
  • AI-assisted software development
  • AI-assisted design

Get started with our AI workshop

How will artificial intelligence impact our work? What are the best ways to utilise the possibilities it brings? – AI provides a myriad of new ways of working and innovation.

Gofore’s AI workshop is designed to help your organisation:

  • identify the possibilities of AI in your operations
  • choose the most suitable AI tools and best practices for you

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