Use simulator to reduce costs and risks

Simulation can help improve the efficiency of operations throughout a product’s lifecycle, from concept creation to development, testing, training, and product support.

Benefits of using simulators

High-quality products to the market faster than before

Simulators can be used in

Using simulators can help ensure that the developed machines can be put into efficient use as quickly as possible, which guarantees high productivity, utilisation rate and profitability of the machines.

Our simulator services

All solutions and projects are planned in close cooperation with the machine manufacturers

Product development and testing services

Digitalise product development throughout the entire lifecycle.

  • Development and testing of control systems while the machine is being developed
  • Quality assurance of new product versions
  • Planning of test cases and implementation of test management systems
  • Modelling of various failures
  • Designing and creating tailored testing devices
  • Simulators developed and created for a specific use

Benefits of simulation in product development

  • Reduced time to market, as various stages of development can proceed simultaneously
  • Lower product development costs, as fewer physical prototypes are needed
  • Makes it possible to test safety-related critical functions in a safe manner
  • Automated testing reduces manual work
  • Systematic quality assurance improves the quality of the end product
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Tailored training simulators

Use simulators to train the use of machines in a setting that is as realistic as possible.

  • Simulators can include all the functions and controls that exist in the real machines
  • The machine’s control system can also be included
  • Training environments are designed on the basis of the demands of actual usage
  • Automatic reporting for evaluating performances and monitoring development
  • Force feedback can be included in the simulation

Benefits of using training simulators

  • Machine operation skills can be trained safely, using a genuine control system.
  • A cost-effective, safe and ecological way to organise training for operators and maintenance personnel.
  • An excellent tool for the marketing of new machine models.
  • Actual machines can be used for productive work during the training.
  • Training scenarios can be repeated several times, which improves learning results and helps identify the best working techniques.
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