Your Ally in Digitalisation and Change

Supplement your team with specific expertise, or, discover and build a sustainable digital tomorrow together with a multidisciplinary team of Gofore experts.

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Together, we can

  • Discover the enablers and means for growth
  • Build and operate future-proof digital services
  • Create smarter machines and next-level performance
  • Accelerate and streamline your transformation
  • Safeguard your business and reduce time to market
  • Make smart investments and drive complex initiatives
Contents of an agile digital tranformation & development process: Research & discovery, Vision & innovation, Data and analytics, Architecture & infrastructure, Service design & Software development, Quality assurance & security

Experience in both technology and people-driven change has shaped our four lenses for renewal

The guiding principles


Build a solid foundation for business acceleration by understanding the complex system your operations, stakeholders and ecosystem make.

Ethically balanced

Make ethically sustainable choices by accounting for the diversity of your audience and the awareness of environmental impact. Take actions accordingly.


Succeed in renewal by understanding the needs and benefits your stakeholders value. Provide support for adopting new behaviour and mindset change – from early on.



Design and build systems to scale and adapt to future demands. Technology is the enabler of development and growth, but short-lived without forward thinking.

Intelligent Industry
Gofore digital society

The next-gen industry is about producing more from less

Our seasoned experts help industrial companies harness technology, data and services to become more efficient, sustainable, productive and human-centric.

Learn about Intelligent Industry

Building a democratic, fair, and functional society

Take advantage of our extensive experience with improving the services, synergies and dependencies between authorities and organisations serving people.

Learn about Digital Society

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Head of Business, Design Services

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Juhana Harmanen

Technology & Software Development

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Jussi Puustinen

Cloud & Continuous Services

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Kari Virtanen

Digital quality assurance and cybersecurity

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Petri Mähönen

Product Development and Embedded Software Services

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Juha Lindfors

Change Management Services


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