Enterprise resource planning system should ease every day work

Successful renewal of ERP systems

What if the renewal of your ERP system wouldn’t have to be yet another five-year nightmare?

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Your partner in a successful ERP renewal

Start from the data

The importance of data to everyday operations can not be understated. That is why a data-centric approach is required to ensure the integrity & usability of your critical business asset – data – which is created, stored, and distributed from your ERP system.

Key considerations: Data strategy, Data architecture, Master data management, and Data migration.

Support people

From early on, focus on how the new ERP system should improve the daily lives of your people, letting them focus more on more on higher-value work. Then provide them with the necessary support in adopting new ways of working.

Key considerations: Change management & measurement, User trainings, and Process Automation.

Verify quality

Allocate sufficient time and budget for ensuring quality from start to finish to enable the ERP renewal to meet its targets and realise the intended benefits. Bad quality can endager the success of the whole program.

Key considerations: Test management, Test automation, Requirements management, System Integration Testing, and User Acceptance Testing.

Realise the desired benefits

It is important to consider the direction of a long-term ERP project throughout its duration. Connect decision-making during the project to the targeted business benefits to ensure success on the first attempt.

Key considerations: Program steering, benefits realisation measurement, and total cost of ownership tracking.

Realising the full value of your ERP investment​


Set yourself up for success in the initial stages of the ERP program with a clear strategic direction and ensure cost-effectiveness.​

  • Strategic planning 
  • Business case design
  • Pre-study
  • Program planning
  • Procurement 
  • System design (blueprints)
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Keep the momentum throughout the implementation & deployments of the new ERP system and achieve first-time right.​

  • Architecture management
  • Data Governance
  • Program & Project management
  • Vendor management
  • ​Change management
  • Quality assurance


Supporting the effective use and lifecycle management of the ERP system to ensure business continuity.​

  • Architecture management
  • Data governance
  • Project management
  • Change management
  • Quality assurance

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The four perspectives for succeeding in renewal


The benefits of your renewal effort are capitalised only when people adopt the new mindset and behaviours that replace the old ones. Addressing them early on makes a difference.


Your operations, stakeholders and ecosystem form a complex system that needs to be understood to succeed in transformation. Build a strong foundation for accelerating your operations in the future.


Make ethically and environmentally sustainable choices from the very beginning. Understand the diversity of the service users’ needs and the impacts on our globe – and act accordingly.


Technologies and systems act as enablers in your renewal.With the most suitable, scalable technology as well as proper capabilities, architecture and quality assurance, they can ensure the benefits and value of your renewal effort.

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