Core processes and systems should ease every day work

Successful renewal of ERP systems

What if the renewal of your core business processes and systems wouldn’t have to be yet another five-year nightmare?

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Avoid the pitfalls

Why it makes sense to consider ERP renewal from different aspects and not just as a tecnological project?


Pitfall: The renewal projects of core business processes and systems are expensive, and can easily go over budget if something goes wrong. One percentage difference in the budget can mean high additional costs – at worst, the final price can be up to twice as much as the original estimate.

Antidote: Controlled and well managed renewal and understanding the overall picture of the whole process will help predict costs and create a realistic budget and reduce the accumulation of unexpected costs.


Pitfall: ERP renewal projects have an effect on operational activities and thus the everyday work of all employees. In large organisations, it is very difficult to manage these effects in the ERP project.

Antidote: Understanding what everyone is doing in their daily work will facilitate the precise definition and planning of the renewal project. This allows smooth and uninterrupted work during and after the change.


Pitfall: At its worst, the renewal project can lead to a situation where most of the time is spent on putting out fires rather than on planned operations. When core systems do not work as they should, work becomes more complex, and efficiency is impaired.

Antidote: Comprehensive integration of functions, systems, and business units will enable the organisation to maintain efficiency and core business processes even during the renewal.

How to succeed in ERP renewal?

Understand the foundation as a system to build a solid ground for the renewal

  • Business case pre-study & design
  • Vision, objectives and metrics for the renewal, and ensuring commitment
  • Analysing the business as a system
  • Defining business & technology requirements
  • User experience assessment
  • Building the required capabilities to lead & execute the renewal
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Lead the complex renewal with a holistic view of all the necessary capabilities

  • Process development, enterprise architecture & master data management
  • Re-designing the management system, reporting and operating models
  • Defining and implementing new roles and responsibilities
  • Dynamic risk management (KRIs)
  • Quality Assurance, Information Security, and Data Privacy
  • Integrate the new & existing information systems, and migrate the data from the old system

Accelerate the renewal in all business areas and regions with…

  • Measuring success
  • Automated business process and non-functional testing
  • Managed applications and managed cloud
  • Maturity assessment
  • Innovative business models enabled by renewed processes and systems
  • Renewing the ways of working

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Learn why the people-driven way is the right way in a core process and system development.

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The four perspectives for succeeding in renewal


The benefits of your renewal effort are capitalised only when people adopt the new mindset and behaviours that replace the old ones. Addressing them early on makes a difference.


Your operations, stakeholders and ecosystem form a complex system that needs to be understood to succeed in transformation. Build a strong foundation for accelerating your operations in the future.


Make ethically and environmentally sustainable choices from the very beginning. Understand the diversity of the service users’ needs and the impacts on our globe – and act accordingly.


Technologies and systems act as enablers in your renewal.With the most suitable, scalable technology as well as proper capabilities, architecture and quality assurance, they can ensure the benefits and value of your renewal effort.

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