Pioneering an Ethical Digital World

With our technology, business, and design expertise, we bring together ambitious businesses and societies to shape our future the right way.

As pioneers in ethical digital transformation, we have a responsibility to shape the future the right way.

We use data & tech to serve human interests and positive development

Technology is an exciting enabler of many great things, but ignorance or carelessness with its pitfalls can have serious repercussions. We don’t want that. Not on our watch.

Positive impact is profitable for BOTH business AND people

We evaluate our projects and partnerships through three lenses:

  1. Is this good for our people
  2. Does this meet our ethical standard
  3. Does this support our strategy with impactful

It’s about equality, inclusivity, accessibility and sustainability

Treating the different people and delicate nature around us with respect and care. Being mindful and proactive of these aspects in our daily work.

Creating positive impact in every step we take

Gofore exists to make a positive impact – for our customers, ourselves, and the world around us. It starts with us. That’s why we treasure our culture of caring, transparency, and trust.

Our values guide our business: Gofore is a great workplace that thrives on customer success.

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  • 19 Offices around Europe
  • 1400+ Goforeans
  • 22 Years in business
  • 189.2 MEUR Net sales 2023

Be the culture you want to be surrounded by

The work community, and therefore also Gofore as a company, is developed by the efforts of all Gofore people. We support the development of experts in a versatile way, taking individual needs into account. We care!

Some of our great customers

  • Konecranes
  • Rexroth
  • BMW
  • Ponsse
  • Metso-outotec
  • Voith
  • ABB
  • Helsinki
  • Elisa
  • KEHA-keskus
  • Digital and population data services agency
  • Vero
  • CSC
  • Kela
  • Deutsche Bahn
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