Continuity & life-cycle services

Caring for Your Systems Like They Were Our Own

Maintenance of digital services isn’t merely keeping the technology up to date – it’s ensuring value creation and business continuity. Welcome to our extensive cloud and application nurturing services.

d i g i t a l w o r l d a n e t h i c a l P i o n e e r i n g

How does one get cost-efficient and flexible applications mainenance? What's the trick to getting the most out of existing systems, and what to do when they no longer serve their purpose?

Our experienced service professionals and honed processes allow you to:

  • Focus on your core business without worrying about systems stability or availability
  • Rest assured that services remain safe to use despite the tech environment flux
  • Develop your applications to meet future demands
  • Gain cost efficiency through tailored service models

Applications that lack the agility to adapt with developing business demands are a liability to both your reputation and budgets.

our services

We keep your IT systems reliable, optimised for purpose and safe – through­out their life-cycle.

Service and quality management

Gain better visibility and more understanding of your systems with our top-notch service management.

  • Systems life-cycle management and pre-emptive maintenance
  • Ensuring of compliance in accordance with changing regulations or laws
  • Managed change execution and risk mitigation
  • Holistic quality management and continuous improvement of service production

Maintenance and further development

Ensure systems reliability and resilience amidst the constantly changing tech requirements.

  • Management of up to date technical development and cyber security
  • Licenses & certifications management and technical documentation maintenance
  • Small-scale development and change executions
  • System monitoring and design of systems recovery and development practices

Support & standby services

All your systems support needs flexibly handled by respective experts.

  • Centralised support services with scalable service readiness
  • On call system and cloud specialists at your disposal
  • ITIL compliant service processes and customised SLA objectives
  • 24/7 incident management standby
  • Incident resolution

Modernisation & systems takeover

Secure your future competitiveness with purposeful renewal of your systems.

  • Managed system takeovers with secured production availability & continuity
  • Life-cycle planning to maximise systems benefits and ROI
  • Analysis and resolving of performance bottlenecks, change of use evaluations
  • Deployment of continuous integration and delivery
  • Cloud deployment, cost and resource optimisation

How can we help you?

Essi Hätönen

Head of Business, Continuity & Life-cycle Services

+358 44 073 3564

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