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Comprehensive cloud solutions

The utilisation of cloud technologies is a step towards a fully digital service environment. We help organisations identify the most significant opportunities that the cloud offers their business and we work together to create a path towards those benefits.

How could you use cloud services more effectively? A properly built cloud platform makes maintenance effortless and efficient, saving resources for business development.

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Towards secure, scalable and cost-effective digital solutions

  • No upfront investments – you only pay for the cloud service capacity you use
  • Flexible development and continuous publishing of services and software
  • Easy implementation of new technologies
  • Strong data security and compliance features through cloud services
  • Cloud services offer high availability that supports business continuity

Cloud computing offers a powerful combination of cost savings, flexibility and innovation that enables organisations to remain competitive and agile in rapidly changing digital environment.


Cloud journey should be mapped out thoroughly with the needs of the organisation in mind

Identify and define

Identify the main opportunities and benefits of the cloud.

  • Analysis of the current situation​
  • Forming a cloud strategy​
  • Development plan for the organisation​
  • Roadmapping​
  • Data classification​
  • Cybersecurity requirements

Form and manage

Establish appropriate governance practices for the organisation.

  • Management model​
  • Cloud foundation​
  • Procurement support​
  • Architecture consulting​
  • Information security consulting​
  • Analysis of the system portfolio​

Implement changes

Implement cloud-related projects and developments.

  • Migrations​
  • System renewals​
  • New digital services
  • Project manager and expert services
  • DevOps​/DevSecOps
  • Expansion of cloud computing

Scaling and maintenance

Support your organisation in managing continuous change in the cloud, which is the key to efficient, secure and systematic cloud operations.

  • FinOps​
  • Cloud centre of excellence (CCoE)
  • Secure operating
  • Continuous cloud expert and architect services

Our partners

Microsoft Solutions Partner
  • Digital & App Innovation, Azure
  • Infrastructure, Azure
  • Security
  • Data & AI
  • Specialist: Migrate Enterprise Applications to Microsoft Azure
Amazon Web Services Partner, Advanced Tier Services
  • Public Sector
  • Solutions Provider
  • DevOps Services Competency
  • 100+ AWS certificates
Google Cloud Partner

How to succeed in cloud adoption?

The Succeed in cloud adoption guide contains the steps for a successful change from building and maintaining ICT infrastructure to fast and secure service production. It describes the steps of the cloud path from creating a vision to scaling production and shares the best practices accumulated through our experience.

Above all, it helps you find the right measures in a situation where you are no longer thinking about whether you should move to the cloud – but how to move there.

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