Gofore as an investment

Gofore has started its operations in 2002, and is a specialist in management consulting, service design and coding. Gofore aims for growth, profitably.

We believe digitalisation is the way forward for every business and area of our society. We guide and encourage our clients to make decisions that have a positive impact on people, business, and the planet. We pioneer an ethical digital world.

Same values for 20 years

We strive to create value everywhere around us. We work with people, communities and organisations. Our operations are guided by the strong values we have had since establishing Gofore: we are a good workplace for everyone and we thrive on our customers’ success.

Key strengths as an investment:

  • Large and growing digital transformation market
  • Superior offering for digital societies and intelligent industry
  • People-centric culture driving talent attraction and retention
  • Strong customer satisfaction with growing and resilient long-term strategic relationships
  • Proven track record of value-creating M&A
  • Outstanding organic growth and profitability track record
  • Ambition to continuously pay good dividends

Equity research on Gofore by Svenska Enskilda Banken

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Equity research on Gofore by Inderes (Finnish only)

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