Our business

Gofore provides expert services to meet the challenges of digital change

Our business

Gofore provides expert services to meet the challenges of digital change

Gofore provides digitalisation consultancy to meet the challenges of digital change

With digitalisation, industries are at the forefront of change and the need for renewal is ongoing. Adapting to the new operating environment and utilising opportunities also require a change in organisational structures, processes, systems and work culture.

Gofore responds to the challenges faced by companies by providing expert services for holistic transformation, including digital transformation consulting, service design, digital service development, and digital quality assurance. We see that, as processes and operating methods become more efficient, the entire organisation becomes more flexible, and can continue to work in a constantly evolving way and thrive as a result of change.

We thrive on the success of our clients

Gofore’s customers include public administration organisations and medium-sized and large companies that can be divided into three main customer segments:



We help companies take advantage of the new business opportunities offered by the changing operating environment and make them a profitable and sustainable business. We are a forerunner in digital change. Our clients are companies in the fields of finance, insurance, services, trade, media, and telecommunications.


We increase our clients’ productivity by creating new business, leveraging analytics in decision making, and enhancing automation. Our clients in the industry sector operate in the fields of manufacturing, energy, transportation, shipping, agriculture, and logistics.


Together with our clients, we are building a human-oriented society that is able to make the most of technology. Our public sector clients operate in the fields of education, health and well-being, government, municipalities and regional administration, and transport.