Our business

Gofore provides expert services to meet the challenges of digital change

Pioneering and ethical digital world.

Gofore provides expert services such as consulting, service design, digital service development, and digital quality assurance. Promoting ethical digitalisation is our highest priority.

Our values have been the same for the entire 20 years of operation: To succeed through our customers’ success and to be the best possible workplace.

Our customers include public administration organisations and medium-sized and large companies that can be divided into two strategic customer sectors Gofore focuses on – not forgetting our most valuable asset: the Gofore Crew.

Focus sector

Intelligent Industry

This sector is about harnessing technology for industries to become more efficient, sustainable, productive and human-centric. It’s about smart devices, machines, systems and services designed to improve industrial processes and ultimately, the wellbeing and functionality of society. Our customers in this sector are typically private, internationally operating companies in the manufacturing space.

Focus sector

Digital Society

This sector is about the services, synergies and dependencies between authorities and organisations serving people. Often steered by DEI requirements and/or various regulations, creating both opportunities and challenges. Our customers in this sector are typically authorities and communities but this sector may also include private companies who produce services that go into building a digital society.


Gofore Crew

Our passion is digitalisation, but at the heart of it is a person. People are also the heart of our business. Our strength is the diverse team of experts in multiple fields for whom we want to provide the best opportunities to develop and succeed. We want to make sure our people feel equally appreciated and supported both at work and in life. With the many working life actions we have taken, we have become one of the most valued employers in the Finnish IT services industry.

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