Share-based incentive plans

Share-based incentives for Gofore Group employees


Gofore has had a share savings plan called CrewShare for all its employees 2018. The objective of the plan is to motivate the personnel to invest in the company’s shares, and also to converge the objectives of the employees and of the management and to evoke commitment to developing the company’s value and to increasing shareholder value in the long term. Over 50% of Goforeans usually participate in CrewShare savings periods that take place every year.

In the plan, all Goforeans are offered the possibility to save a portion of their regular salary (EUR 50–400 per month) and to apply the savings towards acquiring shares at a 10% discount. The savings are applied towards acquiring shares after the end of the savings period. Dividends payable on the shares acquired with the savings are automatically applied towards acquiring shares on the next possible day for acquiring shares. Participation in the plan is voluntary and each employee may participate in the plan for one savings period at a time. In 2024, the 7th consecutive Crewshare period was started. The company’s Board of Directors decides on a share issue after the end of each savings period.

After a two-year share ownership period, Gofore will give, by way of gross remuneration, employees participating in the plan one additional share per each three shares acquired with the savings. The condition for being given the additional shares is that the participant owns the shares they have acquired for the entire duration of the ownership period and that their employment relationship with Gofore has not ended prior to the expiration of the ownership period.

The matched shares are paid partially as shares in the company and partially as money as soon as possible after the end of the ownership period. The intention is for the monetary portion to cover any taxes and tax-like charges incurred by the participant from the matched shares. The matched shares are freely transferable after they have been transferred to the participant’s book-entry account.

The fifth and the sixth plan period included a new element compared to the previous plans. The participant can now earn 0–1.5 performance based matching shares against every three shares acquired with savings as a gross reward if the target set by the Board for group’s annual adjusted EBITA percentage will been reached for the financial year in question.

Performance Share Plan

Gofore also has a share-based incentive plan for the group’s key personnel. The aim is to align the objectives of the shareholders and key personnel for increasing the value of the company in the long-term, to commit the key employees to work for the company and to offer them a competitive incentive scheme that is based on earning and accumulating shares.

The Performance Share Plan consists of a three (3) year performance period. The Board may decide annually on new performance periods.

In the plan, the target group is given an opportunity to earn Gofore Plc shares based on performance. The potential rewards based on the plan will be paid after the end of each performance period. The reward will be paid partly in Gofore Plc shares and partly in cash.

Matching Share Plan

In the Matching Share Plan, the target group has the opportunity to earn Gofore shares (matching shares) as a reward for having first made a personal investment in Gofore shares. The rewards from the Matching Share Plan will be paid after the end of the three-year matching period.

The prerequisite for earning matching shares is that a participant acquires shares in a directed share issue arranged by the company. The participant has the opportunity to earn, as a reward, one matching share for every share acquired in the share issue that the participant has held until the reward payment. The target group of the Matching Share Plan consists of the CEO and the members of the Group Executive Team.

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