Strategy, vision and mission

Our purpose is to radiate good things around us!

Strategy, vision and mission

Our purpose is to radiate good things around us!

Our purpose is to radiate good.

Our mission is to change the world for the better.

We aim always to be

01 Growing and profitable

We pursue continuous organic growth and growth through acquisitions, profitably. We believe that the need for digital expertise services will continue to grow and that we will be able to grow faster than the target market. We strive for growth in all its operating areas and customer segments.

02 Constantly renewing

We strive to continuously strengthen our position as an agile and culturally strong, continuously evolving top expert organisation. We want to develop as a company, a community, and as individuals. best possible way.

03 Impactful and responsible

Gofore prides itself on its positive impact on society and believes that the value-based responsibility shared among its employees will help in the pursuit of sustainable success.

04 International

Gofore’s vision is to be one of the most significant digital transformation consultancies in Europe. Gofore of the future is an international and diverse company that is able to serve its large international customers in the best possible way. International business is directed to both the public and private sector IT service markets.

05  Offering exceptional customer and employee experience

We strive to deliver exceptional customer value through shared successes, thereby deepening customer relationships. We want to be the best workplace for our employees.

Key investment highlights:

  • Ideal position in an operating environment that is digitalising at an accelerating rate
  • Purely next-generation offering for digital transformation
  • Technology-driven management and a human-centric culture to support scalability and efficiency
  • A business model that enables predictability and seeks to mitigate risks
  • Strong past financial development