Strategy, vision and mission

Our mission
is to change the world for the better.

Our vision
is to be the most significant digital transformation consultancy in Europe.

Strategy update 2023

Gofore continues to pursue strengthening its position as an agile, culturally strong and continuously developing top expert organisation that helps its customers in demanding digital transformation. The strategic growth avenues for organic growth are the industries that the Digital Society and Intelligent Industry industries, which the company will be focusing on, and supporting growth by mergers and acquisitions.

Gofore’s strategic focus themes are industry focus, sustainability, future work and international. The growth strategy avenues derived from the focus themes are:

  • Digital Society
  • Intelligent Industry
  • Mergers and acquisitions

Digital Society

Gofore has a sturdy market position as one of the leading Finnish builders of digital society, and the company intends to keep building on its success in this area both in Finland and abroad. Finnish societal digitalisation is still very much a growing market. Finland is internationally known for its pioneering societal digitalisation, and Gofore sees a promising business opportunity in digital exports.

Intelligent Industry

Gofore has built a good market position and customer portfolio of leading companies in the growing industrial digitalisation area, i.e. the digitalisation of machines, devices and services. Gofore wants to be increasingly profiled as an agile digitalisation partner for large industrial companies in both Finland and abroad, by extending and deepening its collaboration with leading companies in the industry. Gofore especially pursues large customers in Finland and the DACH area, and uses customer insight in striving for long term, strategic partnerships.

Mergers and acquisitions

Gofore has made eight acquisitions in 2017–2022, and used them to grow its expertise, shareholder value and culture. The Devecto and eMundo acquisitions Gofore made in 2022 completed its intelligent industry services, as well as its customer and service portfolio in the DACH area, in line with strategic growth avenues. Gofore will continue similar controlled acquisitions that renew its service offering and customer portfolio.  Active work in carrying out mergers and acquisitions will continue in both Finland and in the DACH area.

Financial targets

In connection with the strategy update in December 2022, Gofore’s Board of Directors has approved updated long-term financial targets, as Gofore’s business has for long continued faster organic growth than the overall IT services market, and exceeded the company’s own targets.

The financial targets can be found on the Targeting page.

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