Long-term financial targets

In connection with its strategy update, Gofore’s Board of Directors has on 14 December 2022 approved updated long-term financial targets. The organic growth of Gofore’s business has for long continued as faster than the overall growth of the IT services market and exceeded the company’s own targets.

  • Gofore targets over 25 (over 20) percent of annual net sales growth.
  • Organic growth target is over 15 (over 10) percent of annual growth.
  • Gofore continues growth by acquisitions and targets 10 (10) percent of annual growth.
  • Gofore’s profitability target is 15 (15) percent adjusted EBITA.

Gofore’s dividend policy continues to be paying a minimum of 40 percent of net profit in dividends.

Financial guidance

In 2022, Gofore updated its own disclosure policy so that under the policy, the company will no longer be issuing financial forecast relating to the financial period. Instead, the company will be developing the content of its monthly business reviews and interim reports, in an effort to further improve the company’s transparency and, hence, the real-time monitoring of financial developments.

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