Quality Assurance and Test Automation

Provide the best customer experience through agile quality assurance and AI assisted test automation

End user experience dictates the demand for a digital service and whether or not investments made on the service pay off.

Do quality and testing issues hinder the deployment of your digital services? How well do your digital services meet technical requirements and the needs of users?

Benefits of systematic quality assurance and test automation

  • A faster time-to-market for your digital services
  • Verify the business continuity and reliability of services
  • People adopt new services easier and faster
  • Achieving first-time right reduces overall costs and environmental burden
  • Better user experience equals more peace of mind

Purposeful and holistic development of your quality assurance capabilities will yield a substantial return on investment

Our quality assurance and testing services

Agile test management

Achieve first-time right by adapting to the accelerating pace of development and continuously increasing complexity.

  • Assessment of your quality assurance capabilities and  roadmap for improvement.
  • Planning and implementation of a test strategy
  •  Integrating continuous testing to your development model
  • Test coordination in agile software development
  • Management of testing in projects or global initiatives

Test automation

A faster time-to-market and more cost-effective end-user testing.

  • Defining a vision for test automation
  • Building a modern and scalable test automation solution
  • AI-assisted testing and higher degree of automation
  • Ensuring the performance of digital services
  • End-to-end integration of test automation to the software development lifecycle

Grow your testing capabilities

Govern and continuously improve your capabilities with a Testing Centre of Excellence.

  • Harmonisation of your methods, practices, and tools
  • Rapid ramp-up of testing for new teams and projects
  • Determining the degree of outsourcing for your testing capabilities
  • Launching the Testing Centre of Excellence
  • Providing Testing as a Service

Outsourcing Quality Assurance and Test Automation

A comprehensive service with predictable costs and clear targets.

  •  Dynamic sourcing of experts and expertise with Gofore RightShore (on-site, off-site, and nearshore)
  • Fit-for-purpose tools and technologies
  • A transparent delivery, clear deliverables, and measurable outcomes
  • Streamlined governance for the quality assurance process and quality requirements

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