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A successful transformation is about change in people

Realise your new strategy, project or initiative by bringing people to the center of the change it requires. Take productive action with the hands-on help of our seasoned change professionals.

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Do your renewal efforts look good on paper but absent in day-to-day work? Are your teams in a "that's how we've always done it" mode – or just too busy to internalise new directions?

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Complement your team with change expertise in order to:

  • Commit and align people around your change initiative
  • Get things done – beyond just talking about how to
  • Grow your organisation’s change capabilities for the future
  • Improve performance and work satisfaction
  • Gain visibility and control of your change portfolio
  • Measure change progress and lead with data

No operating model nor process will change – no new technology or application properly taken into use – until people change their mindset and behavior, and thus, change their organisations.

change mangement services

Driving your renewal ambitions one person at a time if necessary

Change execution

Get things done and attain the means for succeeding with new ways of working. We’ll plan, ensure, verify and persistently push.

  • Change implementation start service, e.g. 2 months​
  • Change implementation support as a scalable, continuous service​
  • Dedicated resource pool for supporting change initiatives
  • Integrated project and change management service

Change capability development

Nurture and hone your organisation to resilience and agility – inherently leading, implementing and adopting constant change.

  • Role-based development paths and trainings as part of your competence development offering
  • Organisation’s change capability analysis​
  • Change implementation toolkits
  • Development of management models and practices

Change portfolio leadership

Enable fertile grounds for success by managing the capacity of change-makers and subjects of change – with an analysed and structured change portfolio.

  • Change portfolio management​ setup, e.g. a 2-month service
  • Leadership team sparring to adopt change portfolio practices and their role​s
  • Change portfolio management as a continuous service

Change measurement & leading with data

Stay on top of how your change journey is progressing, and make informed adjustments to stay on course with the Celkee insight perception measurement tool.

  • Definition of change targets and metrics​
  • 6-month service to start and run change measurement​
  • Trainings/sparrings on leading change with data
People-driven change: - The Strategic foundation is in motivation & purpose; summarising the change and the goal so that they resonate with people in the organisation. - Strategic enablers are capacity & load; finding the balance between change load and managers and personnell's capacity. - The operational foundation is in details and practice; translating change jargon into language that makes sense and describing the change in practice. - Operational enablers are commitment & capability; build and ease the change journey together with all people, making sure they're capable of making it happen.

Our approach

People-driven change crystallises the Gofore way of thinking and working

Each change we implement is carried through with solid practical experience of what is essential for successful change – with people at the forefront.

Examples of our customers references​:

  • Strategy renewals​ & new operating models
  • System or application implementations​, e.g. ERP’s
  • Building agile organisations​
  • Transformations in ways of working and culture​
  • Embedding sustainability into leadership and culture​
  • Process re-engineering and implementations​
  • Mergers & acquisitions​ and other restructuring activities
  • New organisation structures and role concretisations​
  • Building cybersecurity cultures​

Ready to start? We are ready when you are!

Juha Lindfors

Change Management Services


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