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Agile electricity data management in the cloud

Nordic market leader Aidon digitised their smart grid data management by migrating to a cloud-based platform. Their scalable and comprehensive cloud solution is designed with the future in mind.


Finnish company Aidon is a Nordic market leader in smart metering solutions and technology for electricity distribution companies. With over three million delivered devices, Aidon caters to a market that is headed for a digital future. Its main products are remote readers and smart networks.

Gofore was Aidon’s partner in constructing and implementing the new platform.

The future of electricity meter data is in the cloud

Aidon wanted to create data management solutions that generate immediate value for their customers and serve their future business needs in a digital environment.

The energy industry is currently looking for solutions that bring automation, scalability and flexibility to data management. Consumers are equally interested in tracking their electricity and energy usage.

Aidon’s cloud migration is based on a management model that meets the needs of an extremely data-intensive service. The amount of data passing through Aidon’s remote electricity readers can be very high, so the platform needs to be scalable, open to innovation and flexible.

To meet Aidon’s requirements, Gofore conceptualized and developed a cloud architecture solution that enables agile control and development of their data management services. Built on existing cloud-based applications, the platform features high usability and reduces the need for manual coding.

Azure tackles large data masses with ease

Microsoft’s Azure cloud environment was a natural choice for Aidon because of its ability to quickly scale to the requirements of managing large amounts of data. The scalable and secure system is a perfect platform for building, testing and launching new services cost-effectively.

“Azure can also be utilized in a hybrid model. In some cases, Aidon’s on-premises data services and private cloud solutions might remain in use for certain critical services,” Gofore’s Business Manager Petri Mähönen says.

The cloud migration required a comprehensive approach in which Aidon’s devices were connected to both a private cloud and a public cloud with B2B APIs and user interface applications.

The key functionalities of the system are remote reading, device configuration management, alarm and service level monitoring plus reporting and troubleshooting.

Agile partnership in product development

Aidon’s and Gofore’s cloud platform project was the result of a communicative partnership in which solutions were defined, innovated and tested in close collaboration. Rooted in the Agile mindset, the collaboration also enabled controlled product development in which Gofore acted as a developing technology partner.

A key objective of Aidon’s cloud migration was to build a platform that enables further development of digital services without the constrictions of a physical environment. Open dialogue between Gofore and Aidon ensured that the platform was developed with future requirements in mind.

Working with Gofore has been highly fruitful. They have paid special attention to our wishes and needs, and it really shows in the finished platform. Overall, the collaboration has been effortless even considering that the involved experts work all around Finland

Harri Valkonen, Product Development Manager, Aidon

Project Highlights


Aidon wanted to modernize their data management by migrating their services to a modern cloud-based platform.


Gofore utilized Microsoft Azure to develop a solution that can be easily scaled to meet Aidon’s varied needs.


Aidon took a giant step towards modernizing their remote reader and smart grid data management with the help of an agile cloud environment. Gofore and Aidon are in an ongoing product development partnership. The new cloud platform enables further development in the future.


The skills & competences utilised in the project

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