Prototype and test AI solutions rapidly

AI Experimentation Sprints​

A fast and agile way to test AI solutions allowing rapid exploration and business validation of AI use cases.​

d i g i t a l w o r l d a n e t h i c a l P i o n e e r i n g

What could AI mean for you? Get started with baby steps, experiment and scale while addressing the business, technology, people and ethical challenges.

Tailored sprints for different maturity levels

Level 1: Build a foundation

Theme specific foundation level AI training that is targeted for larger groups (e.g. all employees of an organisation). Theme specific means that we offer customer or industry related AI insights and use cases based on Gofore’s expertise. ​

Half day, inspiration and demos​

Level 2: Explore use cases

More focused and collaborative workshop on selected industry / customer related theme. Use case level is designed for a bit smaller group of business owners and business development specialists. Focus is on innovating the most potential use cases for AI. ​

One day workshop with around 25 people​

Level 3: AI hackathon

Organisation specific hackathon for experimentation and building of AI solutions. Team setting means that each participating team have 2-5 members from the customer and 2-3 from Gofore. The focus is on validating the business potential of pre-selected AI use cases. ​

Two days, team setting​

Level 4: Proof of concept (PoC) sprints​

Building PoC or Pilot solutions for selected AI use cases. These sprints are customer specific and tailored around the business validated use case and needed support. We prefer an agile 3 weeks long sprint model in the development of AI solutions. ​

3 week sprints for AI PoCs and Pilots​

Webinar recording: Lead AI integration in a people-driven way

Is your organisation currently considering how to make knowledge work more meaningful and effective with Generative AI? Are you already planning to pilot or widely implement Copilot for Microsoft 365 or other AI tools meant for basically anyone in the organisation?

Watch the recording

Our guiding principles


Build a solid foundation for business acceleration by understanding the complex system your operations, stakeholders and ecosystem make.

Ethically balanced

Make ethically sustainable choices by accounting for the diversity of your audience and the awareness of environmental impact. Take actions accordingly.


Succeed in renewal by understanding the needs and benefits your stakeholders value. Provide support for adopting new behaviour and mindset change – from early on.


Design and build systems to scale and adapt to future demands. Technology is the enabler of development and growth, but short-lived without forward thinking.

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