Design for agile

Improving the role of designers in agile software development leads to healthier and more impactful teams. Our workbook can help you achieve this.

Why agile needs design?

On paper, customer-centric design and agile software development are a perfect match: agile teams thrive on creating customer and business value, and designers offer concrete methods for understanding customers and facilitating change.

But even though dozens of frameworks and methodologies have been created to organize teamwork and streamline processes, the reality is far from a honeymoon. Teams are constantly facing the same challenges and people feel things could be better.

Common challenges

After discussing with goforeans from over 30 projects we’ve found common challenges that prevent healthy design collaboration in agile team

Team maturity

The team is not mature in agile culture or design collaboration

Design resourcing

Overbooked designers are unable to work as a part of the team

Cross-functional collaboration

Separate tools and rituals don’t support design collaboration


The team lacks clarity and ownership in its customer- centric activities

Let's fix things together

Want to learn how to tackle these challenges? Download the free workbook and check our best practices and tips. Even though all teams are different, we hope you can find something new that helps your team to improve and evolve.

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Design for Agile Guide
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