Enabling a sustainable lifestyle for K-Plussa customers

Kesko has been ranked the most sustainable grocery trade company in the world for the seventh year running. They have an inspiring and progressive sustainability strategy with a vision to enable sustainable lifestyles for their customers in terms of food, mobility and living.

Accelerating the sustainability transition through retail ecosystem innovation

K-Plussa, K-Group’s loyalty program has an impressive membership of 3.8 million people in Finland, making it an excellent channel for direct customer collaboration and dialog. In 2021 Gofore partnered with K-Plussa to help reflect the company sustainability vision through their work with their members.

For this goal, Gofore’s Good Growth model and approach was used in defining an opportunity space for K-Plussa that supports the overall group level sustainability targets.

The project work created a vision for how K-Plussa could:

  • Leverage best in class consumer data​
  • Accelerate the sustainability transition through retail ecosystem innovation
  • Inspire cross-company K-Group stakeholders around a shared vision for K-Plussa

We utilized Good Growth methods, such as “Blow Up Your Business Model”, “Lighthouse” and “Win-Win Ecosystem​” to create value for all parts of the K-Group ecosystem, from customers to K-Retailers and supplier/partners. The outcome was packaged as a conceptual vision that provides actionable guidelines for further concept development.

The Good Growth framework helped us to understand how we as the Plussa concept team could take sustainability to the core of our development work. Working with Gofore was invigorating, they made the effort to understand what we needed in each step of the process and adapted accordingly.

Hilla Karamäki, Development Manager, Loyalty, K-Group

Project highlights

“Blow up your business model”-workshop

The goal was to map their current loyalty concept to the three Good Growth lenses and ideate opportunities where we can improve. We did this together as a team with a lot of very positive energy and enthusiasm and above all great ideas.

Pioneer interviews and expert insight

During the project, we recruited a number of leading sustainability pioneers in the Finnish market. Through our conversations they helped to inspire and challenge, pushing us to be bold in regard to this urgent topic.

Customer sparring and collaboration

We created a remote working relationship due to COVID that was fun, inspiring and above all highly creative and effective.


The skills & competences utilised in the project

  • Digital transformation advisory

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