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Gofore has been chosen as one of the best places to work in Europe – The relaxed and professional work culture is also a basis for international growth

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The best place to work in Finland is now also one of the best places to work in Europe. Gofore, an expert in digital services, rose to 2. place in the ranking of the best workplaces in the Great Place to Work Europe. The announcement was made during a gala dinner held in Paris on June 8th. Gofore is seen as an innovator of work culture, which relies on solid expertise and a relaxed and open atmosphere. This innovative culture is also helping as Gofore opens new offices across Europe
“The heart, hands and feet of operations of Gofore are our enthusiastic employees, who are at the peak of their profession. The award is recognition of the fact that the people who are extremely important to us also sincerely enjoy their work, and we’re not only the best place to work in Finland, but also one of the absolute top places in Europe,” Erkki Salminen, Director responsible for the company’s culture and competences, says with delight.
The fantastic work culture of Gofore is an example of a way of managing companies that are capable of modernising and which are required in a changing world:
“In this day and age, the companies that survive are those that are capable of change and that boldly look to the future. We believe that this is achieved through inspired people, shared learning and openness. The same cultural change can also be seen at the moment in our customer base – in addition to development of services, the digitalising world also needs reforming work and operating procedures” continues Timur Kärki, the CEO of Gofore.
Through the acquisition of Leadin, completed in May, Gofore is a genuinely international company and expanding operations in Europe is a natural part of the growth path of the company. The strong work culture serves as an excellent basis for internationalisation and the top ranking indicates that Gofore is also an attractive employer on a European level.

Rapid growth and even more satisfied employees

Growth into new markets does not only mean expansion of business operations, but also new work opportunities for employees of the company. Gofore’s style of management emphasises a wide-ranging search for things that are new, both at a company and at an individual level. Work roles which are invigorating and support one’s own development are at the heart of the open culture and offering international opportunities is one way to create an even better work community.
“Recruiting the best professionals in their fields is important to us. We have always believed strongly that people who get fired-up by their work also inspire our customers. In this way, top expertise and creation of
customer value are combined and the end result is a satisfied customer. Everyone takes pleasure in the successes,” adds Salminen.
The company’s rate of development is intense, but right from the beginning the number one value of Gofore has been that the company is as good a place as possible for everyone to work at. The annual rise in the Great Place to Work rankings, combined with continuous growth, is evidence of this. Last year, the company was sixth on the European list. Earlier this year, Gofore was chosen the best place to work in Finland rising from 3rd in 2015 and 2016.
100 companies from a group of 2 340 companies were selected onto the Great Place to Work Europe list. The list is based on national surveys carried out by Great Place to Work in 19 different European countries.
Further information:
Erkki Salminen, Director, Culture & Competences
+358 40 738 5650,
Erkki is in Paris representing Gofore. The best way to reach him is by phone or with a text message, where you can also leave a request to be called back.
Timur Kärki, CEO
+358 40 828 5886,
Riikka Nurminen, Marketing & Communications Director
+358 50 486 8600,

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