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Gofore leads the discussion on neurofriendly workplace activities

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Our commitment to neurodiversity extends beyond our community, thanks to active involvement from Goforeans and over 10 partners and customer companies. Together, we’ve talked, shared experiences, and deepened our understanding of neurodiversity as a united community. The blog summarizes how neurodiversity theme sparked discussion and increased awareness outside of Gofore 2023.

I’m proud as a peacock that our long-term commitment to raising awareness of neuro-friendly working life has not only established us as thought leaders in the field but has also sparked interest among target audiences unfamiliar with the topic. Our strategic approach and ongoing initiatives successfully positioned us as advocates, driving discussions and fostering understanding around neurodiversity in many forums.

Throughout this year our communication professionals sparred and helped Goforeans to write blog posts and talk about the topic in events, personal interviews, podcasts and webinars. My personal thanks go to our Speedclub and Gofore’s spoke persons: Tiia, Ella, Milla, Salla, Sanna and Laura.

I’m equally proud of how our people have supported our colleagues when they have talked about the topic, shared our learning path and shared their personal experiences openly internally and externally.

Bringing neurodiversity into public conversations

In addition to internal development work, from the beginning we also wanted to invite others to figure out neurodiverse work life with us. Our unwavering dedication successfully captured public and media attention in Finland. Countless interviews and extensive coverage propelled neurodiversity into the forefront of public discussions.

Examples of media hits (in Finnish):

Social media engagement

In addition to the media and news, a lot of public discussion was started on social media as well. We published half a dozen blog posts that were also shared on social media. The blogs reached a total of hundreds of readings.

Leveraging the power of social media, particularly LinkedIn, we experienced a surge in engagement. Beyond numbers, +252,100 impressions and +5,100 reactions signified a growing interest and involvement. This wasn’t just about statistics; it was a genuine acknowledgment of the resonance of our message.

Special thanks to everyone who played a part in building this journey. Whether by sharing personal experiences, commenting on social media, spreading news about the topic, or discussing it with friends, your involvement has been invaluable in shaping this story.

Creating an inclusive workplace

And yet, our positive impact goes beyond numbers: it’s a meaningful change in how people see and talk about neurodiversity in work life, and effort to find the skills and potential in a person. As we celebrate what we’ve achieved this year, we see that our goal of creating a workplace that includes everyone has reached far beyond our company.

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