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Reuniting with IT talents  

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Welcome back to Gofore! In the ever-evolving world of IT business, it’s not uncommon for employees to seek new challenges and experiences outside their current workplace. However, every now and then, there’s a delightful twist in the story – the return of seasoned talents to the place where their community (and heart, maybe?) remained.   

I’m thrilled to share the inside scoop on why some of our beloved colleagues have recently made the decision to return to Gofore. The stories of these six Goforeans tell how Gofore’s adaptability, commitment to transparency, and open culture create an environment where professionals can flourish, even if their paths take them elsewhere for a time. And still, how cool to have you back with us!

Senior Service Architect Miko Thusberg: “Call of Gofore was strong”

With an impressive 25-year journey in the IT field, Miko‘s decision to return to Gofore was a significant milestone. His time away allowed him to deepen his knowledge of cloud and data solutions, but the call of Gofore was strong. Miko was drawn back by the company’s financial stability, transparent culture, and the promise of meaningful architectural projects. The ability to work flexibly from home, essential as a father of two young children, added to the appeal.

The strength of Gofore’s architecture business area and the exciting project opportunities, including digitalizing society’s services and intelligent industry projects, sealed the deal.

“Our environment offers a wide range of architectural projects, from high-level enterprise architecture consulting, overarching challenges to intricate work on cloud and data solutions.”

Miko, Senior Service Architect

Since his return, Miko has been actively involved in exciting new projects, such as corporate sustainability reporting solutions, and has reunited with old allies in the realm of geospatial consulting. 

Test Manager Suvi Rautell: “A talented QA community”  

Test Manager Suvi‘s journey back to Gofore was a joyful reunion with familiar faces. Her story is a testament to the diverse and adaptable nature of the roles at Gofore. She resumed her position as a Test Manager, adjusting to the unique demands of each assignment.  

It was a conversation with a fellow Goforean that reignited the spark for her return. Suvi’s enthusiasm stems from the sense of trust and fellowship that Gofore fosters.  

“I know that there are diverse project opportunities waiting for me. What’s even more amazing is that we have a talented community of quality assurance professionals right under our roof, ready to collaborate and exchange insights.”  

Suvi, Test Manager

Suvi thinks it’s essential to embrace change with a positive attitude. For those who crave variety and thrive on change, a consultant’s role is perfect. It allows you to dive into different industries, engage with diverse organisations, and adapt to various project models.  

Software Developer Niko Hienonen: “Flexibility is a game-changer” 

Software Developer Niko says the idea that sometimes you have to step away to truly appreciate what you had. After exploring freelance opportunities, he found his way back to Gofore.

His return wasn’t a coincidence but a result of reaching out to a welcoming community. Niko’s appreciation for the company’s trust in its employees and the range of new project opportunities highlights why returning to Gofore was the right choice for him.

“It’s fantastic to be back and be part of a company that genuinely cares about its people. The icing on the cake? The range of new project opportunities, especially with Gofore’s extensive customer base within digital society and intelligent industry.    

Niko, Software Developer

Gofore’s flexibility is a game-changer for someone like him. It allows Niko to tailor work to suit his lifestyle, and that’s something he truly values.  

“Work can get pretty hectic, right? Gofore’s flexibility allows me to tailor my work to suit my lifestyle.”

Niko, Software Developer

Test Automation Specialist Outi Häkkinen:  “The relaxed atmosphere at Gofore”  

Before joining Gofore, Test Automation Specialist Outi spent an incredible 19 years with a single customer, a testament to her dedication. Her journey led her away for a brief period, but she returned to Gofore as a Test Automation Specialist.  

“My role is somewhat similar to what I had before, but with a fresh twist. I work with a new customer, take on exciting projects, and master new test automation tools.”

Outi, Test Automation Specialist

The driving force behind her return was the relaxed atmosphere at Gofore, where connections are valued.  

“The driving force behind my decision to return was the amazing fellowship and the relaxed atmosphere that Gofore offers. As a social person, I thrive in environments where connections are valued. Gofore’s events are the perfect setting to catch up with familiar faces and make new friends.” 

Outi, Test Automation Specialist 

Test Automation Specialist Ville-Pekka Palmgren: “Gofore is more than a workplace”

Test Automation Specialist Ville-Pekka‘s journey took him away from Gofore for a brief period, but he found his way back. His return was driven by a desire to embrace Gofore’s unique work culture, something he had missed dearly.  

“It’s clear to me that Gofore is more than a workplace; it’s a place where personal and professional growth go hand in hand.” 

Ville-Pekka, Test Automation Specialist

Ville-Pekka transitioned from managing the QA department to a more technical role, injecting new energy into his professional life while balancing his work with family and hobbies. 

“When the desire to return sparked within me, I took the initiative and reached out to Gofore. It’s been said that sometimes, you have to take the first step, and that’s exactly what I did.”

Ville-Pekka, Test Automation Specialist

Head of Strategic Accounts, Digital Society Iris Alanen: “Sustainable development”

With a diverse career spanning business management consulting, training, media, and IT, Iris ventured out from Gofore for two years. At some point she started looking for new interesting job opportunities. Discussions about new challenges with Gofore were significantly different from other opportunities.

“Conversations with Gofore focused on meaningful work aligned with Gofore’s innovative strategy and digital society theme. I saw a change to contribute to the implementation of the strategy and business responsibility, and my excitement was boundless.”

Iris, Head of Strategic Accounts

Iris’s return wasn’t just about the role; it was about Gofore’s culture, values, and vision. Gofore’s commitment to breaking free from traditional segments resonated with her.

“I’m back and motivated more than ever, pursuing significant goals within the framework of sustainable development.”

Iris, Head of Strategic Accounts

In the company of like-minded individuals, she’s creating a path that’s both exciting and deeply meaningful.

Thank you all for sharing your thoughts. Welcome back to Gofore! 🧡 

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