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The next-gen industry is about informed optimisation to produce more from less

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We can’t afford to do things like we’re used to. Change is inevitable – are you prepared?

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The increasing demands and wellbeing of our planet calls for huge efficiency leaps and innovation in the industry sector. This requires both courage and conscious, holistic rethinking of the whole value chain. Be digital or die, is closer than we think.

Digitalisation empowers us to process the complexity behind these new demands – optimising both performance and social responsibility – a successful industry 5.0 and beyond.


Future-proof your business

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Digitalised Product Life Cycle

Designing, manufacturing, and managing the digital core in a physical product

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The Successful ERP Renewal

A holistic approach to renewing core business processes and systems the right way


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Sustainability Data Reporting

Get your organisation equipped to handle sustainability data according to new regulations


Gofore’s broad expertise with both technology and people-driven transformation has framed our four lenses for building the industry of a new era

The essential elements of a successful transformation


Building a solid foundation for business acceleration requires an understanding of the complex system your operations, stakeholders, and ecosystem make.

  • Insights & vision as basis for renewal & innovation
  • Mitigating business risks, improving stakeholder experiences


Positive development is catering to diverse needs and minimising the harmful impact on business, people, and planet.

  • Inclusive & accessible services
  • Data privacy, security & ethical AI
  • Environmental sustainability


Technology is ultimately a means to serve people. A successful renewal considers the needs, benefits and change support of the people using it – from the get-go.

  • Designed for people
  • Sense of belonging & participation
  • Adopting new mindsets & behaviour


Technology is the enabler of development and growth. Systems should be designed and built to scale and adapt to future demands.​

  • Forward-thinking architecture & technology choices
  • Utilising data, automation & AI
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Intelligent Industry

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