Diversity, equity, and inclusion

Neurodiversity at the workplace

Step into the world where awareness is the first and most important step. We’ve learned that diagnoses aren’t necessary; instead, it’s all about talking openly about challenges, wishes, and strengths. We’ve found that investing time and effort into each person’s unique skills pays off big.

Welcome to learn with us about neurodiversity in working life!

Embracing neurodiversity

A key to better work life and inclusive digital services

According to studies, neuroatypical diversity is something that as many as 15-20% of people possess. Clearly this is a type of diversity we all should embrace and understand better.

As many neurodivergent people see the world a bit differently, understanding neurodiversity more deeply not only creates better work life but also helps to design and build better and more inclusive digital services for people around us.

Five Goforeans (two women, three men) sitting in the office and talking together.

Gofore’s DEI development: setting new goals  

Diversity, equity, and inclusion is – and always has been – in the DNA of Gofore. During the last 20 years, we’ve been building a workplace that is the best one for each Goforean. A workplace where one can be their authentic self and feel included. A workplace where one can trust having equal opportunities.

In 2023, we decided to take neurodiversity as one our focus areas when it comes to our DEI. The topic had been raised both by Goforeans as well as our People leaders so we figured it’s something we all need to understand better.

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When our People Leaders expressed a desire for deeper insights into neurodiversity, little did we know that this curiosity would spark. In this blog post, we’ll walk you through the practical steps taken toward neuro-friendly work place, the changes observed in our work culture, and the lessons learned along the way.

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Key learnings

  • Neuro-inclusive practices are practices that work for anyone. On a high level, they bring clarity and freedom of choice to select a way that works best for the individual.
  • Awareness is step number 1 towards consideration.
  • Diagnoses are not essential but discussion about challenges, wishes and strengths is.
  • The key in leading neurodivergent employees is reserving enough time to see and hear the other person.
  • It pays off to use time and effort to find the skills and potential in a person.
  • Be prepared to make mistakes and learn from each encounter.
  • It is ok to think that there’s a price tag for neurodiversity. However, it is up to us if we highlight the challenges or possibilities.
  • At its best you’ll come out as a stronger work community that creates strength in diversity.

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People working together

Gofore leads the discussion on neurofriendly workplace activities

Our commitment to neurodiversity extends beyond our community, thanks to active involvement from Goforeans and over 10 partners and customer companies. Together, we’ve talked, shared experiences, and deepened our understanding of neurodiversity as a united community. The blog summarizes how neurodiversity theme sparked discussion and increased awareness outside of Gofore 2023.

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At Gofore, we are committed to create an inclusive workplace for an increasingly diverse group of people. As one of our strategic goals we want to offer personalised support for the different kinds of needs and wishes of our people.

Be the culture you want to be surrounded by

The work community, and therefore also Gofore as a company, is developed by the efforts of all Gofore people. We support the development of experts in a versatile way, taking individual needs into account. We care!

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