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Gofore was awarded the Employer Brand of the year in Finland

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Gofore has been selected as the employer brand of the year in Rekrygaala (Recruitment Gala) in Helsinki 4th of November. In this particular event, the best recruitment professionals and deeds of the recruitment industry were awarded. Gofore’s was recognized thanks to the company’s strategic and long-term work for its employer brand. The jury of the competition stated that Gofore has systematically managed to build successful interaction with its target groups.

Rekrygaala organised by Duunitori rewarded and brought into the spotlight the best professionals and deeds in the field of recruitment industry for the fourth time. Employer Brand of the Year recognition was given for the first time ever.

Exceptionally good employee experience makes also employees proud

– Gofore’s employer brand is created together with Goforeans. We have always involved people in everything we do. At the heart of everything are our company values – we want to be a good place to work for every Goforean. We believe that when employer produces exceptionally good employee experience, it makes employees proud and willing to share it. This on the other hand creates a trustworthy employer brand, says Culture & Growth Lead Anni Roinila, who is responsible for Gofore’s recruitment.

As an employer, Gofore is exceptional and has managed to maintain its agile approach and warm-heartedness alongside the company’s rapid growth. We as a company and community want to build a better world, act responsibly and be pioneers in our field. We’ve seen this resonating well with our target audience too, says Roinila.

“We are clearly seen as a workplace where one can do good”

– Gofore’s work is based on values ​​that have remained the same for 20 years: Gofore is a great workplace that thrives on customer success. Our reputation as an employer is not built on imagination but on sharing daily actions and authentic stories among ourselves and others. The award we received makes us proud and encourages us to continue on the chosen path. We are clearly seen as a workplace where one can do good, says Sanna Hildén, Gofore’s Director of People Operations.

The employer of the year award was given to a company that, as an employer, has systematically built a relationship with its own target group. The emphasis in the award ceremony was on long-term and strategic branding, rather than individual campaigns. The winner was selected by a jury of business professionals familiar with recruitment.

Additional information:

Anni Roinila, Culture & Growth, 

Sanna Hildén, Gofore’s Director of People Operations,  

(Photo: Petri Virkkunen / Duunitori)

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