GenAIration – Discovering and designing futures workshop

How to effectively incorporate AI into future work and collaboration?

There are endless collaboration and innovation possibilities with AI. We don’t offer ready made solutions but help you recognise those possibilities and take into use the best AI tools and practises for your organisation.

Our AI workshop is here to help!


AI will be relevant part of the future work – we can define and design together how it will benefit us and our own organisation


  • 1 day workshop
  • 10-50 participants

What will you gain?

  • More understanding of the possibilities of AI in your own work and operation environment
  • New ideas and possible experiments how to get started with the future discoveries
  • Getting familiar with AI possibilities
  • Ideas how to utilize AI in the future – in our own organization and everyday work

To whom?

Workshop topics can cover many areas – developing organizations’s daily work, ways of working, or it can be about new business possibilities

Within the organizations

  • Future of work, together with AI – how one’s work can be developed?
  • Co-operation between human beings and AI
  • Internal efficiency, competitive advantages

Business design and development

  • How our business can be improved and developed with the help of AI?
  • What kind of new services, and products can we innovate, design and develop?
  • How we can improve our visibility and foresight with the help of AI/ML/advanced analytics?


The workshop includes


  • Preparations and planning the event, together with the customer
  • Pre-material and preparations for the participants
  • 1-4 Gofore facilitators (depending on the number of participants)
  • 1-2 Keynote speakers
  • Planning the next steps
  • Follow-up together with Gofore experts
  • Price: 3000-4950€ + vat (workshop is always built to meet your needs)

Let's workshop!

Tommi Rasinmäki

Head of Business, AI Advisory

+358 40 8479 032

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