X-Road training

Where: Online training
Duration: 3 hours
Participants: max. 20 persons
Target group: business managers, CTOs and lead architects, who are interested in the option to deploy the data exchange layer X-Road

X-Road is a free and open-source data exchange layer solution that enables organisations to exchange information securely over the Internet. X-Road is released under the MIT open source license and is available
free of charge.” https://x-road.global/

Topics to be discussed in training:

  • What are the benefits of the data exchange layer?
  • Underlying principles of distributed data exchange layer X-Road
  • What does X-Road do and what not?
  • X-Road Instance: roles and responsibilities

Gofore is an X-Road Technology Partner with experience in core development, deployment of X-Road instances and service integrations.

Gofore’s experts have been part of X-Roads deployment and development in both Estonia and Finland. If you have deployed the former versions of X-Road already we are happy to support you with the upgrade.

Contact us and we will adjust the training agenda more specifically to your needs.

Interested? Let us know and we’ll be in touch.

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