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Systemic decision making

Management and decision-making are more and more challenging in the digital age, because modern businesses are becoming interconnected parts of complex ecosystems.

Difficulties in understanding the logic of these systems often lead to failing strategies, contradictory goals and operative inefficiency. In this context, Systemic decision-making holistically analyses and visualise the causes and effects determining your business. As a result, a systemic overview allows you to take informed decisions and even quantify their impact towards your business goals.

Learn to think in systems and make impactful decisions

Identify the key causes and effects impacting your business

Taking a systemic approach offers insight and focus by discovering the essential causes and effects.

Create a shared understanding and prioritize the management focus

A shared understanding of the big picture and the focus areas creates commitment and initiates change. The systemic view surpasses silos and helps stakeholders to better understand their role.

Measure the impact of decisions and learn from the data

When we measure causes and effects in a sequence we are able to anticipate probable impacts and thus make decisions proactively.

Reach your goals, iterate and set new ones

Goal setting and metrics reflect the current state. As goals are reached we need to either set higher goals or switch focus areas and adjust metrics accordingly.

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