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My day as a Goforean

My day as a Goforean

Ever since the first generation of GoPros came out, I’ve really liked the new and innovative angles you can use to film with them. I like the feeling of being in the film myself, especially in the fast-paced action stuff, like Downhill Mountainbiking. Really cool.
I’ve had an idea lurking at the back of my head for some time now, about filming “a day at the office”, to offer a peek on what a day in my life could look like. When I spotted a discussion about vlogging of “My day as a Goforean” in Slack, I immediately volunteered.
I carried a GoPro with me for one day, on one of our Office Thursdays (Toimistotorstai) and tried to capture some of the things that are usually included during such a day. And while others were hacking away with the newest and coolest techs at our annual Hackathon, I hacked together an edit of the material. A few annoyances and bugs in the end-product, but I guess you can call it a MVP.
I tried to keep the film short, as we know that the typical attention span of a person of the internet age is about 2 minutes. Not quite as fast-paced as Rachel Athertons world-cup winning run, but very close. Put your headphones or speakers on and press play:

Lauri Kuittinen

Lauri is a System Specialist at Gofore, working mostly with DevOps- and automation-related tasks. Word on the street is, that he has been involved with actual Software Development as well. In his free time, he can usually be found at a climbing gym or outside trying to get on top of a boulder.

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