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People-driven change measurement in Helsinki Airport’s extension

During 2013-2023, Helsinki Airport was expanded a piece by piece. Finavia’s Helsinki airport development programme impacted various stakeholders operating at the airport. Needs of these stakeholders were considered already in the planning phase.

Our measurement service provided Finavia with real-time stakeholder feedback, ensuring dialogue throughout the development program.

Helsinki-Vantaa Airport. Image credit: Finavia Oyj.


Improving stakeholder experience during a development programme

In order to improve customer experience and strengthen its position as one of the best airports in Europe, Finavia carried out the biggest development programme in Helsinki airport’s history during 2013-2023. The massive endeavour affected various stakeholders from airlines, partners to employees. To ensure smooth operation throughout the change, Finavia wanted to engage people through continuous feedback.

The project was implemented using an alliance partner model. In this type of model, the alliance parties are jointly responsible for planning and executing the work. The alliance parties agreed from the start that they wanted to create measurable separate models that helps to keep track of the projects work atmosphere and construction site’s impact to the airport area.

Maintaining high customer, employee and partner satisfaction throughout the project was a priority for us. Measuring ensured that we stayed on the pulse.

Tuomo Lindstedt, Strategy & Project Manager, Finavia

Our solution

Change measurement facilitates transparency and collaboration

Our Celkee Insight ® – change measurement service engaged partners and project employees to share their views and concerns about the ongoing change and its impact on them. The tool gave a detailed view how each stakeholder group is perceiving the changes and how this perception is developing.

From a user point of view, the measurement was easy and fast to fill in. The results were available in real-time, and they were actively followed by the project team and leadership. The pulse results – and reacting to them – were tied to the bonus incentives, ensuring that the feedback had a real impact.

“An alliance partner model requires a great degree of collaboration and transparency between the parties. Celkee Insight is particularly well suited for this type of projects as the tool facilitates transparency and collaboration.” – Kimmo Vättö, Principal Consultant, Change Measurement Services, CCEA – part of Gofore Group


Data-driven approach helped with maintaining stakeholder satisfaction

Pulse surveys provided Finavia with a trend view on how the change is perceived and affecting various stakeholder groups. Based on the quarterly results, Finavia was able to react and make the necessary adjustments promptly and engage in a further dialogue.

This data-driven approach helped Finavia to maintain the high customer experience and employee satisfaction even during the busiest construction period.

Project highlights

Easy to use

Filling in the survey was easy. It only took a few minutes, and the responses were visible in real-time. The fact that the response rates remained high throughout the measurement also speaks volumes.


Having stakeholder feedback, not just a “hunch”, gave focus for improvement actions.

Engaging stakeholders

The measurement was an efficient way to engage stakeholders, and the results helped with creating dialogue.


The skills & competences utilised in the project

  • Change measurement
  • Celkee Insight -tool

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Photo of Helsinki Airport: Finavia Oyj.

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