tapahtuma - 3.2.2023

Webinaaritallenne: The people side of ERP transformations

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This webinar focuses on ERP transformations and how to lead and implement the people side of them with Ed Santamaria, Normet CEO, as a guest speaker.

Due to the complex nature of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) transformations, commonly a lot of emphasis is placed on the technical side of the change. As a result, the people side of the change is often overlooked. This makes ERP projects painful or even unsuccessful. In order to improve the chances of success, it is paramount to involve and support the users from the start, while also engaging line managers and peers as ambassadors for the change.

How to clarify what the ERP transformation is about amongst people impacted by the change? How to boost the desire, knowledge and capabilities so that people can change their ways of working? How to ensure that the new ways of working will become embedded to the everyday – instead of people falling back to the old habits and systems?

CCEA – part of Gofore Group has been involved in more than 10 large-scale ERP transformations. This time, it is our pleasure to invite Ed Santamaria, the CEO of Normet as our guest speaker.

The webinar is in English. It is not meant for other consultancies. Fill out the form below to download the webinar recording.

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