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For decades Finland’s leading expert on well-being at work, the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, has researched, refined, and shared information that is important for working life. To speed up research activities, they wanted to shake up their range of services. The goal was to identify the key services of the Institute, make the services more attuned to customers, and to build an organisation that supports change. Expert organisation services were renewed and digitalised with help from Gofore. With this reform the experts of the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health can now concentrate on their most important mission – improving well-being at work.

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Two pilot projects

Two pilot services were chosen for the first phase of the renewal project. The Quality Portal service is used to develop occupational health services, the quality of occupational health care, and cooperation between workplaces and occupational health care units. In 2015, 93% of Finland’s occupational health care units participated in the Occupational Health Care in Finland survey, carried out as a part of the Quality Portal. The Zero accidents service provides a network between workplaces, aimed at improving occupational safety and promoting good practices. The Zero accidents network already has 400 member companies and organisations.

The development of our services is guided by a flexible Lean ideology and a strong customer orientation. We have designed a shared office for our product owners and Gofore’s experts at the Institute of Occupational Health. Communication is direct and decision-making is fast.

Mikko Mäkipää

Finnish Institute of Occupational Health

From container to cloud – even daily

The Lean ideology and continuous improvement are at the centre of development. It’s easy to add new services quickly and cost-effectively onto the self-built digital platform. The platform utilises modern technologies, such as containers, the AWS cloud service, and microservice architecture. With the automatic deployment pipeline, a new version can be installed in production any time.

In the project room shared by the client and Gofore, communication is open and decisions are reached quickly. The walls are lined with up-to-date information about current tasks, service road maps, risks, and success indicators, among other things.

stefan baggström

Stefan Baggström

Business Manager

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