Aimo Park

Rethink parking

Aimo Park’s vision is to contribute to social development by offering easy access mobility services and new ways of making everyday life easier.

Rethink parking

Aimo Park’s vision is to contribute to social development by offering easy access mobility services and new ways of making everyday life easier.

Q-Park became Aimo Park in 2019 when a Japanese company Sumitomo Corporation acquired Q-Park in Sweden, Norway and Finland. This Nordic region’s leading parking solution provider became even better equipped for the digital transformation that had already begun together with Q-Park & Gofore.

“At Gofore, we are really looking forward helping in integrating Q-Park’s legacy services and strong position in the whole Nordic region with Sumitomo’s visionary thoughts for Aimo Park”, says Juhana Harmanen, Capability Owner of Web Development and Technology Consultant at Gofore acting as a trusted advisor in the Aimo Park project.

Traffic congestion and parking difficulties are one of the main challenges in large urban areas. Mobility is seen as the future, and different aspects of mobility are needed to work together to create the best solutions for urban areas and their populations.

Rethink parking

Aimo Park is the leading parking company in the Nordic region with close to 370 000 parking spaces. Aimo Park offers state-of-the-art feature-rich parking solution for mobile, web, and kiosks, enabling automatic, semi-automatic or manual parking for consumers, and customers, such as, household companies and parking facility landlords. Over the recent years Gofore has been working together with Aimo Park to improve their digital offering, for example, EV charging stations, smart delivery boxes, flexible payment solutions and different types of car services.

Rethink pickup

Pickup app is a cross-platform mobile application created for couriers and merchants to track customers’ packages from the merchant desk at stores to pickup point at garages. The aim is to enrich customer shopping experience by providing a service that transports customer’s shopping bags to the basement garage. The mobile application aids with facilitating this service.

Shared vision in Mobility as a Service

We are committed in helping Aimo Park in realising digital opportunities and in developing further innovative solutions to become an important part of society and to contribute to create smart cities for the future.

Gofore bears a great responsibility as the digital transformation service provider in this endeavour at Aimo Park with up to 20 developers, architects, cloud specialists, cybersecurity experts, scrum masters, designers, and technical project managers, both Goforeans and subcontractors. As a prerequisite for success, a common goal is an open and honest cooperation between companies as being the trusted advisors of Aimo Park.

Aimo Park & Gofore:

  • Working together since 2016 on several mobility projects
  • Taskuparkki for the Finnish market and core parking solution for the whole Nordics
  • Gofore is involved in every aspect of product development
    • Program and project management
    • Architecture consulting
    • Development guidelines
    • Agile methodologies
    • Web development
    • Mobile development
    • Systems development and integrations
    • Specifications and documentation
    • Performance and stress testing
    • Quality assurance
    • Penetration testing
    • Cybersecurity


Contributing to social development

Offering easy access mobility services

Co-creating future

New ways of making everyday life easier

Solutions that will scale

Building blocks for the mobility as a service


The skills & competences utilised in the project

  • Architecture Consulting
  • Program and project management
  • Web development
  • Cloud
  • Mobile development
  • Systems development and integration
  • Cybersecurity

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