Case E.ON

Designing charging stations for electric cars

Case E.ON

Designing charging stations for electric cars

Freedom is electric: the E.ON Energie Deutschland GmbH was searching for a design partner to revolutionise the electric charging stations market in both the private and the public sector. By intensively looking at the requirements of all user groups we succeeded in convincing the client with our concept and design ideas.

Public charging station & Home wall boxes

Challenges in Industrial Design:

  • Development of a product series for a varying range of applications considering existing technical modules and a limited range of production methods
  • Improvement of handling and operating steps
  • Consideration of outside conditions: weatherproofing, resistance to vandalism, design specifications
  • EON philosophy (brand recognition) versus the requirements of the municipalities/B2B (discreet inclusion into the urban landscape)
  • Customisability
  • Integration of a user manual


During the realisation of this project, design ideas, costs and supplier requirements had to be equally taken into consideration. The integration of an intelligent maintenance system allows uncomplicated servicing with the help of an easily removable technology module. Hence there is no need to completely dismantle the charging station if there are technical problems. We supervised this project until it was ready to go into production.

Furthermore, our graphic team developed a self-explanatory manual and we also supplied ideas for the use of the stations in various sectors.

Gofore also produced high quality prototypes for use during trade fairs and business panels that visually cannot be distinguished from the production models.



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Easily modified

Designing customisable product series
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Uncomplicated servicing

Integrated intelligent maintenance system
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Practical design

Easy to use manual