Trust is everything


Implementing a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy is like insurance, bringing your company an armour of security and privacy and keeping your focus on the business.

It will greatly reduce the risk of suffering data or security breaches and will increase customer trust. With that trust, you are able to grow your business as well as retain and attract new customers.

Ensure your business’ safety

Security is always essential

Whether you run your business in the air, on the ground, or online and regardless of the service you offer, security and privacy are its fundamental built-in properties.

The cost of a single data breach is $4M on average

This also includes other indirect costs, such as PR setbacks and losing the trust of customers.

Trust is not easily regained

The consequences of a data breach for your business and associated trustworthiness are significant. Once lost, trust is not easy to regain.

Let others speak for us

What is the true cost of a data breach? What kind of risk do you bear? Check articles from security intelligence & IBM and to find out more.

When to start?

Implementing a cybersecurity strategy and verifying the controls with cybersecurity audits are equivalent to having insurance cover to minimise your risks and give you peace of mind. Start your journey towards serenity now!

Ready to start? We are ready when you are!

Markus Asikainen

Head of Business, Cyber Security

+358 50 4328 322

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