event - 25 April 2024

Webinar: AI-augmented Quality Assurance 

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Could AI speed up the time-to-market in product development?
Are you looking to dive into AI-augmented testing but don’t know where to start? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered.  

Quality is an enabler for adapting to changing business and market requirements. At Gofore, we have adopted AI tools in several areas of software development. This webinar will dive deep into quality assurance with AI-augmented testing.

How can organisations benefit from AI augmentation in DevSecOps? Join the webinar on AI-augmented testing as part of software development. This webinar is meant for software development & testing experts and software development leaders.

What to expect? 

Get an insight into the current market outlook and testing trends. Get familiar with use cases and evidence on how AI integration in DevSecOps will significantly enhance your capabilities, from speeding up development cycles to ensuring higher security and quality standards.

The webinar is guided by Miika Nurminen, Jutta Hakola, Jani Haapala and Mika Haikonen, Gofore’s quality assurance professionals.


9:00 Welcome & introduction to the topic 

  • Market outlook​
  • Understanding Generative AI for QA​
  • Implementing AI in the QA and DevSecOps loop​
  • Practical Examples and Use Cases​
  • The Human-AI Partnership in QA​
  • How to get started with AI-Augmented QA?​
  • Questions and Answers

10:30 End of webinar

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Miika Nurminen

Director, Digital quality assurance

Jutta Hakola

Capability Owner for Testing and Test Management Service

Jani Haapala

DevOps Architect at Gofore

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Thu 25.4. at 09:00-10:30



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