event - 11 September 2024

Webinar: Selling your company 

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Learnings and past experiences from the eMundo acquisition by Gofore

Join our upcoming free webinar. We will dive deep into the thoughts and experiences from three very different viewpoints, focusing on the challenges and potentials of sellers.

Selling your company is a major decision that involves strategic, financial, and emotional considerations. The M&A process can be complex, requiring thorough evaluations and negotiations. Understanding the experiences of others who have successfully navigated this path can provide valuable insights and help address concerns about preserving the company’s legacy and caring for employees.

M&A activities offer opportunities for growth and market expansion, but profound preparation is essential. Finding a buyer who shares your company’s values and vision can significantly impact the outcome.

What to expect? 

Gain first-hand insights and learnings from the experience of selling a company. Our experts will share valuable perspectives on the challenges and opportunities of the M&A process. Topics include strategic alignment, post-acquisition integration, and growth prospects.

The webinar is guided by Ville Hurnonen, Dr. Marc Fuchs and Günther Palfinger.

Participants will be presented anonymously during the webinar.


  • Greeting and Introduction to the Topic
  • Live Panel with All Speakers
  • Topics include: Seller Perspective, Matching Criteria, Addressing Concerns, Gofores Approach, Changes After the Acquisition
  • Q&A Session
  • End of the Webinar

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Ville Hurnonen

M&A Director, Gofore

Dr. Marc Fuchs

DACH CEO, Gofore

Günther Palfinger

Founder of eMundo

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Wed 11.9. at 10:00-11:00



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