Good Growth Sustainable business - Measurable impact

Good Growth Sustainable business - Measurable impact

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Sustainable futures for people, nature and business

We believe that sustainability is the next big business transformation. The opportunities are exciting for both public and private sector organisations. Gofore is developing a methodology, metrics and toolkit that enables organizations to embed sustainability into everyday work and in parallel embrace Good Growth as a focus for Strategy and Innovation.

Gofore Good Growth is being developed in collaboration with our sustainability expert partner Ekokumppanit and the Impact Modelling excellence of Qentinel Finland. We are a networked cross-disciplinary team with a passion for sustainable Good Growth. We collaborate and deliver together.

We offer

Good Growth vision & strategy

Define the main pillars of your sustainability business strategy and create actionable roadmaps for product and service development plus internal culture, ways of working and mindset change.

Impact modelling & measurement

Unpack the UN sustainable development goals for your organisation and create concrete measurable metrics that you can track and communicate.

Sustainable software development

Develop your digital services and setup your infrastructure with sustainability in mind. Uncover energy optimisation opportunities as well as make sure your software can easily adapt to future.

Expert partner collaboration

Work together with a network of expert sustainability partners that support you in your Good Growth efforts. We can identify and engage the best people to inspire, innovate and implement real change.

A note from our expert sustainability partner Ekokumppanit

“Hi we are EcoFellows! It’s exciting to be co-creating the Good Growth offering together with Gofore. Our expertise covers multiple sectors including energy efficiency, renewable energy, resource efficiency, circular economy, mobility as well as nature and the environment. We’ve been working toward a more sustainable future since 2003. Our belief is that building new collaborations and networked partnerships is the way forward for sustainability work, and we are looking forward to bringing our expertise and insight to the Good Growth model.”

Do you want to get started with Good Growth?

Gofore provides professional support and coaching to organisations that are interested in exploring how Good Growth can benefit your business.

Read more on our Good Growth coaching.

"Gofore has always been passionate about making the world a better place and creating positive impact both for our clients and society as a whole. But how can we be sure the things we do are the right ones and that our net impact to the world is always positive? To answer these questions, we have created Good Growth. We are developing the Good Growth model to help ourselves and our clients to understand the complicated positive and negative impacts our work is causing to society and the environment. We hope it will prove to be an important tool in our mission of pioneering an ethical digital world."

Kristiina Härkönen

Chief Sustainability Officer


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Kristiina Härkönen

Kristiina Härkönen

Chief Sustainability Officer

Riikka Vilminko-Heikkinen

Riikka Vilminko-Heikkinen

Sales and Customer Value