Flexible development

With digitalisation, the possibilities to create and improve products and services are virtually limitless. At the same time, users’ demands are increasing, and businesses need to deliver the best.

Constant changes in the operating environment and growing user expectations require quick technical development and an agile service architecture. We build top-quality digital services working with and for the customer. In addition, we offer project management services for tasks of different types and sizes.

We have the most skilled technology and software experts in the industry working for us. They master modern methods, think innovatively, and uphold an uncompromising approach to customer service. We have been involved in building the best DevOps culture in Finland, and we want to do the same for you.

  • Software development

  • Instant customer value is created when a strong culture of doing is combined with the best experts – working with and for the customer.
  • Architecture consulting

  • Architecture-led development ensures compatibility, reusability, and control.
  • Initiative and project management

  • When led correctly, development produces the best results.

Antti Vienamo

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