Unite your R&D resources for success

Future prosperity is built on the product inventions of today. Modern R&D combines software with the design process of physical devices into a seamless package.

Could your product development be more competitive and agile? Are the physical and digital aspects of your product balanced?

Benefits of modern product development for business and people:

  • Faster introduction of products to the market at a lower cost
  • Continuous and more agile updates and improvements to products
  • Virtualisation of product development and testing means better quality
  • People understand their roles in the big picture and work better together
  • Simulation reduces environmental burden and need for physical prototypes
  • Autonomy and assistive technologies elevate user experience and strengthen security

All of your design processes from mechanical, hydraulic, electronic and software design in one environment.


We can reinforce your team or run product development for you as a service

Identify areas for improvement

Gain a better understanding of the current quality, challenges and potential of your product development

  • Maturity stage mapping
  • Improvement of device and software development processes
  • Reorganisation of a product’s development
  • Implementation of modelling and virtualisation

Ensure you have the expertise you need

Reinforce your product development organisation with a wide range of expertise.

  • Boost to your R&D
  • Definition and planning of system-level requirements
  • Software development for devices and services
  • Quality assurance and safety
  • Product publishing and configuration management

Procure product development as a service

Product development provided to you as a service with clear goals and a fixed monthly fee.

  • Expertise you need, licenses and modern tools as a well-managed service
  • Your partner takes care of onboarding and continuous development of know-how
  • Results and targets measured and presented transparently
  • Focus on managing the business of your product and let others take care of resourcing and balance sheets

Enable product lifecycle services

Build a service ecosystem around your product to create new service business.

  • Data platforms that enable various services
  • Applications, training and services that engage users
  • Proactive and smart upkeep and maintenance services
  • Knowledge-based business management

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