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Software testing & Quality assurance

In a digital world, software quality is quality of life.

With our Software Testing and Quality Assurance services, you ensure the quality of your software throughout its lifecycle, from design and development to deployment, and through operation to termination. Our quality thinking is based on a holistic view of quality. For us, quality is the ability to produce value.

Visibility in the quality that helps you achieve your business goals

Testing and test management

Make the quality of your software visible through efficient and productive testing design, coordination, and implementation.

Quality management of information system projects

Succeed in your information system project by incorporating quality into project management, planning, and execution.

Training and coaching

Increase your organization’s quality awareness and improve your organization’s quality assurance capabilities.

Current state analysis and development plan

Comprehensively map the current state of your software testing and quality assurance and design a viable short- and long-term development plan.

Towards enhanced quality

Together with Qentinel Finland’s software testing and quality assurance services, we ensure the flawless operation of your software and bring value to your business.

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