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A time that surprised us all

Good to see you here! We have no doubt this post has good information, but please keep in mind that it is over 4 years old.

This year has truly managed to surprise all of us. The situation is forcing us to react and make changes quickly. That is why digitalisation, too, is progressing in leaps and bounds. These times demonstrate the need to move even faster and keep the society going, despite the crisis.

For our customers, this has meant changes in their plans and adopting new practices quickly. Even the forms of work are changing radically. While teleworking comes naturally to many people, others have been taken off guard by the situation. However, we have all been pleasantly surprised by how amazingly well our customers have adapted and projects have moved forward. Let’s hope that the bold reshaping of organisations and digital services will continue.

Enabling and securing operations and services has become a key theme of the coronavirus era. Many services remain dependent on people’s physical presence, and work is often tied to a certain place. Out of necessity, problems are being solved innovatively and agilely. Many issues that seemed impossible in the past have been made to succeed from the practical, cultural, and technological perspectives. While several solutions now in place meet long-term needs, others are temporary. And we are shaping improved, more permanent solutions for such cases. Many issues are still unresolved, however, the aim is to build a digital society that keeps going even if we encounter another crisis like the current one.

We succeed when our customers succeed

Our job is to help our customers build digital change. We succeed when our customers succeed and we can see digital services working in people’s everyday lives. Alongside our long-term partners, we have been helping to build Finland’s digital foundation. Some of our major projects include comprehensive renewal of employment services and advanced digital services for early childhood education and teaching.

In early September, we will bolster our quality assurance and test automation expertise, when Qentinel becomes part of Gofore. This is a complementary piece for our service range: we can now proudly confirm that we can provide customers with a broader set of world-class expertise and more comprehensive digitalisation services. Silver Planet’s consulting services will also be more integrated with Gofore’s service range: together, we make one of the most effective advisory consultants on the digitalisation of society in Finland and, hopefully, in time to come, internationally.

Impact and relevance are the starting points

This year has largely been shaped by efforts to maintain basic activities, but it’s been great to see how sustainable development and social responsibility have become a more prominent part of our customers’ projects and our services. During the year, we have helped to develop a solution for reducing phosphorus levels in the Archipelago Sea and have been working together with customers to solve problems associated with the coronavirus, from cleaning respirators to developing remote collaboration.

At Gofore, we believe that great things will be achieved with the aid of technology. We regard relevance and impact as key drivers for our projects. Together with our customers, we will continue working towards a better digital world — flexibly and agilely, while adapting to the situation.

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Riikka Vilminko-Heikkinen

Sales and Customer Value

Riikka works as head of business (Recoding Society) and as a consultant. She closely follows how the relationship between the public and private sectors change, and how this change affects organisations. Her main interests include digital transformation of the public sector and organisations' ability to enable customer centricity. She constantly wonders how data could be used more widely to expand understanding, enable better decision making, and to fade the silos created by structures.

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