Enhancing maritime safety and emergency response services

Gofore joined forces with NAPA to develop an online platform using AWS, allowing NAPA Emergency Computer system to share crucial ship data in the cloud. The aim was to empower fleet operators and emergency response services with real-time information about a ship’s status, regardless of location.


Top of the industry safety measures require real-time data

NAPA, a prominent maritime software provider, faced a challenge in making real-time data from their Emergency Computer system accessible onshore. The need was to enable fleet operators and emergency response services to monitor ship status remotely for quicker and more effective assistance during emergencies.


Secure flow of critical data to cloud

Together with AWS, a comprehensive solution was devised. Leveraging AWS technologies including Amazon API Gateway, AWS Lambda, and Amazon Timestream, a serverless platform was created. This platform facilitated the secure flow of critical ship data to the cloud. The implementation resulted in the development of a ‘digital twin’ of NAPA Emergency Computer onboard, ensuring near-real-time access for onshore stakeholders.

Gofore is an over 9-year member of AWS Partner Network with strong emphasis on DevOps and building cloud strategies for public sector and enterprise customers. They are a trusted advisor to many Finnish and international organisations in their journey to modernise and transform to cloud native.

Antti Kuosmanen, Partner Development Manager, AWS


Enhancing maritime safety

The project, initiated in August 2020, concluded successfully by April 2021. Fleet superintendents and safety experts now have access to near-live data, allowing them to provide expert advice to captains and alert rescue services promptly. With the capability to monitor approximately 300 ships in the next 5 years, the solution significantly enhances maritime safety. The ‘digital twin’ concept ensures that shipping companies can centrally oversee their entire fleet in real time, fostering informed decision-making during emergencies and enabling continuous improvement in ship operations.

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Project in numbers

  • 300 ships equipped with the new system within 5 years
  • 10 MB of data per ship per day
  • 9 months from project start to finish


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