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Bringing the people-side on the agenda of change initiatives

Neste offers high-quality oil products and related services for road transport, aviation, and marine sectors as well as for oil and petrochemical industries. The Neste Oil Products segment is undergoing a significant business transformation, which includes organisational changes. To increase the chances to succeed in this transformation, Neste Oil Products identified a need to improve their organisational change capabilities.

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Change management is an important part of organisational change capability

Neste Oil Products wanted to systematically develop their organisational change capabilities further. The focus was on executing changes in an even more successful way by focusing not only on the more traditional technical side of change, but also on the so-called people-side of change. A critical success factor for this was to improve the change leadership skills of both line managers and other key stakeholders. There was also a need to ensure that change management activities would be an integral part of project plans of transformation initiatives.

Our solution

The change leadership development path for managers and other key stakeholders

Based on the customer’s needs, their existing change management tools and CCEA’s people-driven change approach, CCEA designed a tailored change leadership development path for line managers and people working in key roles in transformation initiatives.
The change leadership development path for managers and other key stakeholders consisted of an online orientation session, three interactive live workshops and a final online reflection session. These sessions were aimed at increasing the participants’ understanding of the people-side of change and of various roles and responsibilities within change planning and execution. Participants would also get hands-on experience in using various change management tools.

The customer’s sponsors and HR representatives were closely involved in the development path by sharing their expectations and experiences in planning the path as well as by participating in the workshops themselves. Participants were encouraged throughout the development path to apply their learnings directly to ongoing or upcoming change initiatives. During 2022 CCEA facilitated altogether 10 change leadership development paths for Neste Oil Products line managers and other key stakeholders.


Development paths increased concretely the change leadership skills

The Change Leadership development paths increased concretely the change leadership skills within the Oil Products segment and helped create dialogue around a people-centric approach to change management in the organisation. Besides individual competence development, the development paths supported the way changes are executed in the organisation.

The people-side of change is now on the agenda of each larger transformation initiative. Initiative owners can also recognise better what kind of support line managers need when implementing changes in their teams and in the organisation. To reach organisational benefits, it has been enormously important to have many line managers and other key stakeholders participating in the development paths.

Case in numbers

  • 15 Facilitated change leadership development paths
  • 2 Years of cooperation
  • 200 Participants


The skills & competences utilised in the project

  • Change capability development

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