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Outokumpu’s finance organisation started a project to create a modern and more transparent OneStream tool and harmonised end-to-end finance processes. The overall target was to enable faster financial closing and improve the quality of reporting.


Implementing a new digital tool and processes

Outokumpu Finance was running an extensive transformation program, 15 days Data to Report, to deliver a faster and improved finance reporting process. The program consisted of different projects, of which the Financial Planning and Consolidation project (FPC) was responsible for implementing the new digital tool, OneStream, with related new processes. Finance as a business function is very busy and schedule pressured. To ensure smooth implementation process, people-centric change management and systematic communication were needed.

Our solution

We supported the FPC project in all change management-related activities from planning to execution. We started with interviewing project team members and continued with identifying key stakeholder groups, defining how they are impacted by the change. We built key messages for project communication, and created communication materials for different purposes and channels:

  • Articles
  • One sliders
  • Newsletters
  • Short videos
  • Viva Engage (Yammer) updates

We also co-facilitated different info sessions. Also, project sponsors were supported and sparred with, as they were the key spokespersons for the project.

In parallel with the change management activities, we updated the Outokumpu Finance change management playbook, created earlier by us. We aligned the content with lessons learned in the FPC project.

It was made sure that change management was not forgotten, as the project management was busy with the implementation. Typically, communication is getting low prioritized in busy times.

Daiva Glebienė, Project Manager, Outokumpu


Systematic approach keeps people on board

With the systematic change management approach, the FPC project was able to keep the people impacted by the change better on board. Regular line manager info sessions enabled proactive risk management with active discussion and Q&As, and we received very positive feedback on these hands-on meetings. Various communication materials helped to concretise and verbalise the benefits of the change in a people-centric way. With us supporting the people side of the change, the project management could focus on the successful technical implementation.


The skills & competences utilised in the project

  • Change execution

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